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  1. lsat

    FS- DVBWorld / Nextorm USB Box

    Includes box, remote, USB cable and original software/drivers. Works fine (with XP, not sure about Vista). $75.00 shipped to the U.S.
  2. lsat

    FS- Pansat 9200HD FTA Receiver

    1 month old, includes remote, HDMI cable, USB stick and manual. Receiver works fine, selling because I want to build a HTPC. $330 includes UPS shipping to the states only. PM if you need more info.
  3. lsat

    FS Primestar 75E, lnbf, Stab HH100 P/U Richmond, VA area

    Richmond/Chesterfield, VA area. Will meet buyer in Chesterfield for pickup. Motor is a couple of years old and is working fine. The lnbf is an old alphastar. Mast is not included. I'm going to get a bigger dish so this one goes. $80.00, PM if you need some more info.
  4. lsat

    Blind scan perfomance- Coolsat 4000 vs Traxis 3500

    Hello, Has anyone compared the above receivers side by side? I'm looking at getting a 3500. How does it compare to the 4000 in terms of speed and accuracy? Does the 3500 have predefined scan range options? Thanks :)
  5. lsat

    Has the Fortec Mercury hit the street yet?

    Looking forward to reports on this receiver, especially tuner sensitivity and blind scan speed. Anyone using one?