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    voom has a new promotion

    So does this mean they extended the $1 installation past march 1? I couldn't find a date on it. I'm moving out of this apartment into a townhouse at the end of March and I'll finally have line of sight.
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    What chanels will be added?

    Go away.... Can we implement an age limit? Or maybe add "blow n go" to members computers so after .08 they'll just shut off?
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    VOOM Commercial (shown in HD) on DiscoveryHD

    I would have to say if I kept a tally all of the commercials I see, I see VOOM more than any other. It plays every hour I think on Discovery HD. I've been seeing it a lot lately on other channels too.
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    What Channels Would You Like To See Added To Voom's Present Lineup?

    wgn hd tbs hd hdnet inhd espn2hd
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    More Good News from VOOM

    I think most were in on it, but I did see the one post where the person talked about how funny Dolan is at age 73...
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    2 More Weeks!!

    Well Tivo has 2.3 million subscribers and they figure half of them are Directv subs. That doesn't take into account tivo owners who have a standalone tivo and use it with directv, but it's a good rough estimate.
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    Feb 14 '05: Phillip Swann "Voom Is Still Doomed"... Schmuck!!!

    "After news of the Dolan sale was announced, Internet message boards were jammed with enthusiastic comments from Voom subscribers. They said that Voom would flourish because Dolan would no longer have to battle skeptical Cablevision officials, including his other son, Cablevision CEO James...
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    Feb 14 '05: Phillip Swann "Voom Is Still Doomed"... Schmuck!!!

    You have to wonder if he wrote this just to spite satguys.
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    just thought that I would point this out

    I guess its ok depending what you're looking for. It's not highly populated and I haven't come across any "experts" or people in the know. There is another site and the admin there seems to be a big voom chearleader. I haven't found anything to compete with avs or...
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    Another Take on Dolan's Move

    I have a hard time believe that carraige agreements are in place. Look at the lack of hd content and bandwitch already on d* and e*. I haven't seen anything that leads me to believe they'll add 21 channels. It seems to me that this would be the ultimate goal, but critical mass for hdtv is...
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    What Food?

    Italian sausages, taco dip, cheese and crackers... tubs of Shiner Bock, Flat Tire, and New Castle
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    HDMI and DVI

    The adapters from Best Buy seem pretty heavy. I'm not sure I'd wanna risk putting it on my tv. You can order a dvi to hdmi cable for less....
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    Interesting Comcast news

    This is just bizarre. All of this excitement over comcast is just plain crazy. I have comcast now and aside from the hd dvr, which other cable companies have, they've got nothing. What I had with Time Warner- inhd, inhd 2, hdnet, hdnet movies, tnt-hd, espn hd, discovery hd, pbs-hd What I...
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    Installation moved up to tomorrow!

    Well the installer who called me last night to move up the appointment did not show up this morning. Oh well, looks like dish network it is. A free hd reciever, free dual room dual tuner dvr for the two bedrooms, no commitment, and free installation is too hard to pass up.
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    Direction of Voom Satellite?

    Why did the installer say that 61.5 was the name of the satellite? Well tomorrow should be insteresting....
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    Direction of Voom Satellite?

    What is the direction of the voom satellite? I thought it was 61.5 se but the installer who is coming tomorrow said it is in the 100s? I'm in Albuquerque, NM, so what direction would my antenna face? Is it southeast or east?
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    Installation moved up to tomorrow!

    Also the installer said 61.5 is the name, that it was actually, I don't remember but somewhere the in the 100s for the degree. He didn't make me real confident to say the least...
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    Installation moved up to tomorrow!

    My installation got moved up to tomorrow which is exciting. The not exciting part is the installer didn't sound too confident. Which leads to these questions: 1. I'm in Albuquerque, NM. Will my dish be facing east or southeast? I've got someone with dish next to me and there sat faces...
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    The End of VOOM?

    There's only one loser here, well besides you I guess, and thats the people that are gonna lose their service. I've only been reading here for about a week now, but the hateful stuff people say here is just amazing. Are we really that pathetic that we need to come on the internet just to be...
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    The End of VOOM?

    This whole thing has been happening rather fast for such large organizations. We went from the infamous memo which insinuated that the Dolans may purchase voom to echostar purchasing it in no time flat. Must be a lot going on behind the scenes. They should be broadcasting this in HD... can't...