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  1. Bronxiniowa

    Is This Normal ...?

    So I've been back with DirecTV for a week now, enjoying the service, etc. Used to have three HR-2Xs, now the Genie and two minis. But I've noticed that when I turn on a TV that's connected to a mini, I often get a white screen for about 5 seconds before the channel engages. Also have been having...
  2. Bronxiniowa

    We're baaaa-aack

    Well, after two years of lower monthly bills being bundled with Mediacom, they raised our price to the point where it's no longer advantageous to pay less but get less in the form of unavailable channels (MLB Network, NHL Network, NBA TV, BeinSports), channels with excessive pixelation (NBC...
  3. Bronxiniowa

    Sports PQ on Sling

    With my cable contract coming up soon, I'm looking for alternatives. I stream entertainment occasionally (ABC on demand, HBO Now, Netflix) and get near-cinema quality with my near-100mbps internet connection. I have also had excellent picture quality, near-digital satellite resolution and depth...
  4. Bronxiniowa

    Internet Held Hostage

    I left DirecTV for Mediacom it will be two years this December because they offered an unbeatable bundle that included internet, video and phone for just twenty dollars more than I was paying for DirecTV alone -- a savings of about sixty dollars a month. That kind of saving was too good to turn...
  5. Bronxiniowa

    Cord-cutting at What Data Cost?

    Has anyone researched what a month of streaming TV -- aka cord-cutting -- eats up in data used?
  6. Bronxiniowa

    How Fast an Internet Connection ...

    . . . do I need if: I have a wireless network in a two-story home with plaster walls I stream live sports on MLB.TV on Roku that's Ethernet-connected to my modem I have a PS4 that's Ethernet-connected to my modem but rarely game over the internet I stream XM radio wirelessly I am trying to...
  7. Bronxiniowa

    iPhone 6S Plus or Galaxy S7?

    OK: My Verizon Galaxy S5 is doing very weird things. I can either pay $100 to insurance to have them replace it, or I can pay about the same to Verizon to upgrade my phone, either to a Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge or the iPhone 6 Plus. Here's my dilemma: The iPhone, which I used several years ago, is...
  8. Bronxiniowa

    Satellite No Longer Cost Effective?

    Is the bloom off the rose for satellite TV? When I got satellite years ago, both services' programming was more diverse than what I could get from Mediacom, my cable company, they offered far better picture quality, and later, they offered HD and DVR service. But since, then, Mediacom has come...
  9. Bronxiniowa

    MLB Network, etc.

    My generous cable company, Mediacom, doesn't carry MLB Network ... or NHL Network or NBA TV. So if a game is on one of those channels, it isn't available on their streaming services. Is there any way to get those channels on another device?
  10. Bronxiniowa

    Wanting DISH pricing but . . .

    . . . I don't want to give a rep or a chat window my SSN, which is what they requested last time I tried. Any suggestions? I would want: 3 rooms with HD Hopper/Joey 1 room with SD (kitchen, old 13" set) AT 250 Multisport Thanks for your help!
  11. Bronxiniowa

    I know we have the attention span of a newt, but this is ridiculous

    Minor-league baseball adopts the shot clock.
  12. Bronxiniowa

    Streaming NBA League Pass

    Anyone have this streaming-only? How is the video quality? I watched the free trial, and the video quality over Roku on 37gb was pretty bad.
  13. Bronxiniowa

    DIRECTV Deportes

    Does anyone know which channels are in this package? Can't seem to find details on website. Thanks.
  14. Bronxiniowa

    Know This Has Been Discussed Before, But . . .

    So here's my situation: I'm a DTV sub out of contract I have four TVs, three in HD I have whole home, with two HR-21s and an HR-22. They perform reasonably well. I can probably get an equipment upgrade for little or nothing, which of course would lock me in for another two years. Not a...
  15. Bronxiniowa

    What Do You Miss, Coming From --------?

    Hello, and glad to be back at SatGuys! What brought me back was the site's leaning to DISH, and I have a question, as I am considering a return to DISH. I've been a DirecTV sub for the past 8 or so years. My question is based on the line from the Joni Mitchell song "Big Yellow Taxi" -- "You...