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    It's (NOT) official everyone gets free HD

    2 yrs free I just called direct TV and received 2 yrs free HD :) with no auto pay because I am billed through Verizon. In two yrs I'll call and fight for free HD for life. :rant: I doubt you will receive it automatically. The promotion for free Hd for life (to new customers) ends 7/21/10
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    HD upgrade

    Thanks texasbrit yes looks like i will not be getting swm the sd receivers I have are D11-300:(
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    HD upgrade

    Hi all, I have an all sd system and last year got a Sony 32 HD TV the picture on it suck :(but because I was unemployed I put up with it. Well times are better now and I called for an upgrade I got a HD dvr and install free! I hope the pq will be better! What I’m wondering is will they install...