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    Retired - Downsizing Suggestions

    Recently retired. Dish bill is $174.78/month. Way too much now. Now getting Americas Everything, Locals, Multi-Sport, and 1 extra receiver. Would like to keep Locals and the extra receiver. Appreciate any suggestions you might have to get the most bang for my Social Security buck. Joe
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    GEOSATpro A/V Cable for Micro HD STB

    Looking to resurrect my Micro HD receiver to use with a composite video tv. Need the A/V output cable that I thought I had. (Maybe not. Always used with hdmi) A camcorder cable will not work because the 3.5mm plug is too short. The last ring, the ground, is longer. Where can I get one? Google...
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    Winegard "Roadtrip" on RV w/ VIP211

    I am purchasing a motorhome that has a Winegard "Roadtrip" mobile satellite antenna. I have two VIP211 receivers at home. Thought I would use one of them on the RV. Other than hooking up the receiver, is there anything that I need to do regarding my account? Let Dish know? And/Or? Or?. How...
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    AMIKO A3 One channel, video only, then dead. Had to power cycle.

    Turned on A3 last night. Got video but no audio on channel that I had left it on the previous evening. Changed channel, same sat. No video or audio. Changed to several other channels. Same result. Went back to original channel. Nothing. Pushing RCU buttons at random looking for some life. At...
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    Polarity not changing - ASC1 & Amiko A3

    As noted, polarity is not changing. Setting up a new ASC1 to work with A3. Was running A3 with 4DTV 922 receiver for position and skew control. A3 getting all sats OK and populated A3's channel list. Here's what I've done. Moved dish to 135 sat using 922 (Far West sat for me) Replaced 922 with...
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    AMIKO What Number Goes into Motor "Position" using ASC1

    Pardon my ignorance, but I'm a long time 4DTV, BUD, C & Ku lnb's guy. Now I have an Amiko A3 and ASCi positoner to replace the 922 receiver. I'll be changing out the 922 for the ASC1 tomorrow. When setting up the motor on the A3, what number do I put in for a sat? A count from the ASC1 or just a...
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    AMIKO Adding New Transponder to A3

    How do you add a new transponder manually to the A3? All I've seen is a SCAN of the transponders listed in the list for that Sat. D/L the transponder list and add it using the Spark 2 Editor? Then how do you scan just one transponder?There must be a way to scan one transponder Joe
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    GEOSATpro Flashing Video - C and ku

    Video continuously flashes. Both C and Ku. Strong signal. Video circuit shot? Joe
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    Moving 1 HDD between 2 vip211 Receivers?

    I have two vip211 receivers on my account. Can I record on one, switch the hdd to the other receiver and watch on that one? Joe
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    Networking the MicroHD Possible?

    Can/How can the MicroHD be networked into my home network, either wired or wireless? Until I took the Azbox Elite out of service to install the MicroHD, the Azbox was networked to my main pc mostly for viewing video files. Would like to network the MicroHD to do the same but I'm not sure that...
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    Complete Lockup - Antenna Setup/ Poor video, no audio after scan

    Whenever going to Antenna Setup, the unit locks up, i.e. no response to remote on any buttons. Have to power cycle to correct. Unit is loaded with new 07/06 firmware. No motor being driven. (Menu say "No Motor") Big dish driven by 4DTV. Finally getting around to setting unit up. Blind scanned 2...
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    Got Roku & Credits but for Credits, CSR changed AEP to 250 + 1/2 Off Premiums. Did I lose anything?

    Called and got the free Roku. Additionally, CSR gave me 1/2 off premiums and BB for 6 months. I said that I already get premiums in the AEP. She said that I would save money this way. Sounded good. Later I checked my account. My programming was changed from the AEP to the 250 package. All of...
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    New microHD - Save anything before SW upgrade?

    With a new, virgin microHD, is there a need to back up anything before upgrading the software, assuming an older version is loaded in the receiver? (I'm reflecting back on Ice's sticky post re upgrading a new box.) Mine has not arrived yet. Just getting ready. Joe
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    VIP 722k with Legacy LNBs?

    I'm considering upgrading from a 221 to a 722K receiver. I have all Legacy LNB's from 110,119,129 Can I split the one incoming line to go to the two inputs on the 722? I can't use the DPP Separator, can I? Joe
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    Multi-Sports Package - 29 Local Sports?

    What exactly do they mean by "29 Local Sports Networks"? You get some, like the RSNs in your area? Or all 29 RSNs? If all RSNs, MLB games, if carried by the local? In other words, what the heck do I get for my $5,99/mth Joe
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    Problem playing VIP211 HDMI thru Onkyo AV Receiver

    Got a new Onkyo AV receiver. The HDMI output from my VIP211 will not play thru the receiver. Plays ok going direct to the TV. Have two other HDMI output devices working fine going thru the Onkyo. Changed cables and inputs around but always with the same result. Appreciate any thoughts/hints that...
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    Least Expensive Package that gets all HD channels?

    I am considering moving most, if not all of my programming over to Dish. I currently sub only to the HD Absolute. So, I'm already paying around $39 per month for that. All of my other programming is on my 4DTV sat system through NPS and a good portion of that is up for renewal in November. I get...
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    Multi-Sports Package vs. Center Ice Package

    The Multi-Sports is about $72/yr ($5.99/mth). Center Ice is about $164/yr ($40.95 x 4). As I look over the channels in the Multi-Sports Package, it looks like many of the NHL games will be carried by the listed Regional Sports Networks or NHL Network. I get Versus which also carries NHL games...
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    Building PC for DVB-S2 and HD - Recommendations

    Rather than trying to upgrade an older Dell 4550 PC, I'm planning to build a new PC from scratch for DVB/DVB-S2 and HD reception. Currently using a DVBWorld S2 pci card. Works OK for most HD stuff but is really being taxed. Looking for some suggestions on what components to get. I've done some...
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    Poor quality on STB improved by DVB PCI ??????

    This issue involves the signal quality of c-band freqs on a SV8000HD and how it is affected positively by another tuner on the same freq. Before I start fumbling into troubleshooting this problem, I thought I might run it by you folks for any suggestions on where to look first. Best description...