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    SatelliteGuys.US DishNetwork Uplink Discussion - Week Ending 06/30/2007

    Setanta!!! Oh, I'm a happy camper. They better turn them on before the start of the English Premier League season, though. I've been lurking on the forums for a while but wow, what an awesome news to post on. Setanta is coming!!! I'm glad that more HD RSN's have been uplinked for folks...
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    NC @ Duke is blacked out on ESPN right now!?!?!?

    I live in an ACC area (DC metro area), but I was able to watch the Duke vs. UNC game even with UVA playing another team. Strange how this blackout rule is blocking certain people.
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    My FIOS TV vs. DISH Compare

    Nice review. It looks like FIOS is a good solution for HD and SD fans alike as their picture quality as of now is great. Only if their receivers had the kind of technology that DISH has, you'd have great features to go with the great picture quality. My neighborhood is getting FIOS...
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    Dish LIVE Retailer Chat Recap - December 20, 2006

    Man, I was used to the $1 or $2 increase per year for AT150/AT180 back 3 years ago but this $3/yr. increase (2006 and 2007) is getting ridiculous! I mean, if you want to differentiate yourself from cable companies, increase the fee by a buck or two, but not 3! Charge extra for the HD RSN's...
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    Dish LIVE Retailer Chat Recap - December 20, 2006

    If you've been paying a monthly DVR fee for your 508, you might want to get on the horn and tell them to take the DVR fee off for the 508! DISH does not impose a DVR fee for the 501 and 508 DVR's so deactivating your 508 will just get rid of your additional receiver fee. But yeah, no use...
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    Can a DP21 and a DP Plus Twin combine to get 4 satellites?

    Thanks, guys. I guess there's no shortcut to this one like with the DP21 and DP34 switch combo. Thank you for the quick responses. Much appreciated.
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    Can a DP21 and a DP Plus Twin combine to get 4 satellites?

    Guys (and gals), I haven't tried this before but is it possible to add a wing dish to a Dish 1000 by using a DP21 switch with the DP Plus Twin LNBF to get the following 4 satellites? Namely, the 110, 119 and 129 from the Dish1000 and 61.5 from a wing dish. Thanks a bunch!
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    Uplink Activity Report - 12/13/2006 - 11 changes

    Very good point. When my local digital station is broadcasting a program that I want to record and it happens to be SD, I always record the SD mapped local in the 8000's range so as to not waste HD capacity on a SD program. DVR users should be given the opportunity to do the same if they want...
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    Greek Channel Mega Cosmos gone

    Yep, Mega Cosmos is now available on DirecTV. I tell ya, first it was centroamerica TV and now Mega Cosmos. Well, technically SBS from last year but these two are pretty dynamite channels in their respective languages. If Scott is true in other channels migrating to DirecTV, DISH Network...
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    PAPPAS to cut off their channels from Dish Subss Dec 1 (RESOLVED-deal reached 11/29)

    TV Azteca is a huge channel to the Latino Americans. This move will create some churn for sure.
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    DP Plus Quad LNB: how add third receiver

    Or you could wait for the mysterious DPP33 switch to come out. I hope it comes out by end of the year but I'm not holding my breath for it.
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    Urgent: Whats the Dishnetowrk's Fraud Dept Phone # ?

    There's a potential problem if the charges you dispute is in fact valid. We had a similar situation with our AMEX and they stated that if AMEX finds or rules that the disputed charge is in fact valid, the card holder will be liable for the finance charges and/or late payment fee (if you didn't...
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    CentroamericaTV is back! but.....

    Wasn't centroamericatv operated or partly owned by DISH? If not, why was it taken down? I wonder... This is big news, though.
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    CentroamericaTV is back! but.....

    Scott, like what?
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    About to order dish make sure I got this right

    On some people's plan and promotion, locals are built into the price, which should make Dish HD Platinum w/Locals = $104.99. Not sure why it's $109.99. Also, don't forget that you get 3 months of HBO, Showtime, Starz, or Cinemax for free. And if you want the $49.99 upfront cost waived, give...
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    Uplink Report for November 8th, 2006

    :D You crack me up, P, with your grammar sometimes. It seems as though the latest uplink activity favors Thursday as the day to have the uplinked channels made available and such. I'd love to see NHL HD and the RSN HD's but I have a feeling the DNS situation is diverting a lot of resources...
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    Charlottesville, VA

    Yeah, I haven't heard of such a move. Only if Charlie's daughter still goes to UVA and complains about her signal, maybe then they might do something. :p I doubt there'd be any relocations anytime soon. You're the first to mention such a move, so if it turns out true soon, great! The...
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    Delay in Harrisonburg, VA locals.

    Oh, that's where the hold-up is. Thanks for the heads-up.
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    Dishnetwork New SD Locals Channels Announcement

    I think Harrisonburg, VA locals are going online today or tomorrow? That's according to one of my sources.
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    Atlanta GA Dish Authorized Dealer?

    You can try Digital Entertainment Associates. They're in Duluth, GA. (678) 541-0228