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  1. j_met

    Rewiring and Recommendations on Wiring

    I've had DirectTV for about a year at this house. I've recently had some issues with my receiver freezing up and stuttering with the audio. I actually think the hard drive is going out in it. I am going to do a hard reset and hard disk scan. Since I started to have these issues, I've done a...
  2. j_met

    Program Remote to Control the Genie C31-700 Client

    How do I program a RC65X or RC66X to a mini client? I have tried holding Select & Mute until the light blinks twice, then entering 9 6 1 to clear, then entering 0 0 0 0 1 to link the remote but, it will not work.
  3. j_met

    Power inveter

    I the installer came out last Friday and hooked everything up. It's still working but I noticed the power inverter is still plugged in to one of the wall jacks in a totally different room than the receiver. If I unplug it, everything quits working. What is it and why does it have to be...
  4. j_met

    One cable in, 2 boxes, 4 tvs

    I just bought a new house. The people before me had cable. They had the main cable dropped in the a/c closet connected to a reg 4 way splitter. Each cable ran to a different room and connected to the cable wall box. My current setup is the HR-34 Genie with 1 mini client. What I want to do...
  5. j_met

    How to hook up genie (HR34) with no genie clients

    I just got DirecTV Ive got the HR34 on the living room with a mini client in bedroom. I am getting tired of having to reset the HR34 everytime the mini client locks up on the grey screen. How do I hook both tvs to the hr34? (yes I know both tvs will display the same picture)
  6. j_met

    External Hard Drives & Genie (HR34)

    I have been a Dish Network customer for about 10 years. With the Dish 922K receiver, you can attach an external hard drive via USB to expand your recording capacity. Can you do the same with Direct TVs Genie? Also, what video connections are on the back of the receiver and how many? Reason I...
  7. j_met

    Getting DISH HD Installed Tomorrow

    I called DISH Friday and had them set me up an installation appointment. She set it up for Monday between 12 and 5. The account specialist I talked with agreed to giving me a 722k reciever, the OTA module, and professional instalation...all for free when I signed another 2 year contract. I...
  8. j_met

    722K + OTA Module

    I am currently a DISH Network customer and have been for the past 11 years. My current setup is a 40" Samsung LCD (TV 1), HD-DVD player (for up-scaling abilities only), and the Dish DuoDVR 625 receiver. I also have a 32" Vizio (TV 2) in the bedroom connected to the 625 via coax cable (its...