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    nfl ticket, why why why

    btw charper, my local fox channel had the rams game with the late game being eagles cowboys. it may be a fox issue, but if the jets giants game would have gone to ot, then it is possible for the most of the first half of the cowboy eagle game would not have been viewable. all the fox...
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    nfl ticket, why why why

    exactly ejb, i can watch the replay and get the plays. in the past, when my local had a game that ran long, then the cowboy eagle game would be shown on one of the sunday ticket channels, first half or first quarter. yeah it was the commercials that pissed me off.
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    nfl ticket, why why why

    hmmmm so every down, every play does not mean live...........
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    nfl ticket, why why why

    why are fox stations holding to the jets giants game, but dont release the cowboys eagles game, until the ny game ends
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    Dish and ESPN

    i wondered when a major provider would draw aline in the sand to ESPN, i'm a directv subscriber. ESPN started when cable and sat picked them up in the eighties as a fledgling upstart. Before they got big and charged a per user fee to providers even though many users never viewed their family...
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    need some help/suggestion

    i hooked my old panel back up and it too is having handshaking issues, but i did get the bluray to work after a bit. Before the handshake to 30 secs or less. now where talking minutes, several minutes. Found this post elsewhere, its probably the onkyo av unit Onkyo TX-SR606 HDMI Switching...
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    need some help/suggestion

    thanks, ill try it again. that sequence didnt work last evening. also found this
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    need some help/suggestion

    i going to see if there is a firmware update for the tv tonight, the bluray player is upto date. i grasping now too
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    need some help/suggestion

    it will be a few days before i hook the old unit back up, this panel is heavy and my help wont be available until friday. No 2nd video out, only one. Also the hdmi are assigned properly. I have switch the blue to hdmi port, that didnt resolve it. The resolutions for hdmi are set to...
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    need some help/suggestion

    yeah, hooking the bluray directly to the panel works fine. apparently my old panel did not have a handshake issue, but the new panel does. i reviewed the manual this morning, i cannot set hdmi to 1080p as that setting doesnt exist. The hdmi output is set the pass through
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    need some help/suggestion

    I replaced the LCD panel in my home theater system this morning with a new Sharp Quattron LCD. The problem I am having is that when my Blue Ray player is connected directly via HDMI, the panel displays correctly. The player is a LG BD390. When the player is connected thru my av receiver, an...
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    preseason nfl black out(s)?

    todays colts and 49ers game is blacked on NFL network. Dont know why, live in missouri so local stations arent covering it. was able to watch the live miami v tampa game last. no big deal since its pre season, but........
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    HR-21 error 15-937

    My HR 21 has worked without issue for approx 2.5 years until sunday morning. It wouldnt turn on, acted like it had been updated. After unplugging the unit, it started the initialization process and finally errored out with the above error, apparently an HDD error. DTV is replacing, ive never...
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    Sunday Ticket Preview Again This Week?? confirmed NO | New Stadium Reserved Pricing now this is outrageous, not including 75 parking, 10 beer........etc i except the high price of sunday ticket
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    How does DTV get the signal from local broadcasters?

    my hd local are far better than sd, but........... cbs and fox local hd feeds are not as sharp as red zone hd on sunday ticket, also when i had ny fox/cbs hd feeds with local cbs/fox hd feeds, broadcasts were not as sharp comparing NBC feeds are a little tougher but all i can say isthat notre...
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    Samsung BD-P1400 problems

    I have owned this player for about 10 months (purchased new from Newegg) and am tired of dealing with it. Firmware is upto date and unit is connected to my a/v receiver via HDMI. Since I purchased unit, I would estimate that any blu ray disk i have player in it, maybe 1 in 3 would playback...
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    Toshiba HD-A2 audio question

    I have subject player connected to an Onkyo a/v receiver via hdmi. I played 2 hddvd movies, Miami Vice (DDPlus) and The Matrix (Dolby TrueHD), and both audio streeams show as PCM multichannel HDMI on my receiver which supports both DDPlus and Dolby True HD. The player is set to auto on the...
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    Home theater suggestions requested.

    I am thinking of upgrading my home theater surround sound system. Logitec z5500 Budget $2000 I am leaning toward the onkyo sr805 a/v receiver @$700 so that leaves around $1300 for speakers. I would like a 5.1 surround sound system but have no idea what to get. I have looked at some of the...
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    ESPN Game Plan HD

    i would expect an HD surcharge from the world wide leader when this happens