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  1. Maui

    Multi room viewing question

    I have a DVR network setup and I'd like to be able view recorded programs on my other receivers. A little background info. I have four receivers set up, three of which are HD receivers. The media room has the DVR. I have one set up out in my shop, about 50 feet from the house with it's own dish...
  2. Maui

    Non HD receivers

    I have had to reset my non-HD receivers every day this week. What's up with that?
  3. Maui

    Another receiver bites the dust

    I am going on my third receiver in less than one year now. This last one lasted two months. Why do they keep sending out these piece of sheet receivers? This is an H20. I'm considering going to comcast because they're offering a hell of a deal on cable/phone/internet. When the damn thing did...
  4. Maui

    Audio Issues

    I'm running an HD20 and getting some very wierd audio at times. Sometimes it sounds like the audio is coming out a tin can. Other times while surfing I'll lose all audio and I have click around the channel before it comes back. Never had this issue before the new channels came on line...