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    Remote Addresses Hoppers/Joeys

    I did a little searching, but couldn't find an answer. Will the Hoppers/Joeys ever be updated to utilize the 32 different IR remote addresses like the older receivers??? I was going to upgrade, but I was told they are all on "1" when you enable IR. My installation would require all the...
  2. J

    KTVN (CBS) guide data during Sarkes-Tarzian/Dish dispute

    Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Can you folks at Dish uplink the guide data separately for this channel (2-01) so my timers can fire on the OTA station while you work the retransmission agreement? The subchannel (2-02) has guide data. I can't see why you can do the same for the main channel...
  3. J

    Crank up Dish for RV

    Is it safe to assume I could get away with a single LNB dish for RV use. I looked at the Winegard Dish 1000, but they want $1400 for it (still trying to figure out why). Whereas a single LNB crank up is running in the $170-$275 range. I had a crank up in my old trailer and it was easy to...
  4. J

    942 - L2.89 update coming?

    On the tech depot website, they are showing the L2.89 update? Scott, any idea of what they are fixing/breaking?
  5. J

    501/508/510 L3.64?

    Any release notes on this partial rollout of L3.64 reported at tech depot. NBR? (yeah right).
  6. J

    942 NBR/Search Issue

    This seems to be limited to one show. I've got a timer to record all episodes of the show on NBC "Treasure Hunters". For some reason it will not pick it up using NBR or the regular search function. I searched "Treasure" and it picked up a lot of other shows. I can manually override it in the...
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    942 L2.88 Release Notes?

    L2.88 has been out for a few days. Have the "Official" release notes been released yet? They did fix the pause/unpause audio delay.
  8. J

    Playback errors on 942 while watching recorded OTA programs

    On almost all my OTA recordings from my local CBS affiliate, my 942 will exit the playback and go back to the DVR menu as if it was finished. The signal strength is 100 for this channel. I cannot say for sure that it is only this channel since 95% of my OTA recordings are from CBS. From what I...
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    Will IR on TV2 in dual mode every be enabled on dual tuner receivers?

    Will IR on TV2 in dual mode ever be enabled on dual tuner receivers? Specifically the 942, but other dual tuners apply. As a new feature, does anyone have inside info whether or not IR will ever happen on the TV2 so I can run in dual mode? It's been a few months since I last asked. I know...