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    Help with TBS5927 DVB-S2/S

    I need more detailed instructions on how to operate the software. The software from TBS website only scans the satellite channels in but I am not able to view channels. I believe I need another program to watch the channels. I'd like to find the crazyscan and crazyscan2 but all I find are the...
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    Hunting a ADL-RP3-CKU feedhorn

    Does anyone know website or where i can get a ADL-RP3-CKU feedhorn not looking for a CHAPARRAL type. i have done a search but have not been able to find the ADL-RP3-CKU feedhorn. i would appreciate any help in finding this feed horn. i also heard that this feed horn will out perform the...
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    question about focal link

    I have a 12 foot Sami dish and the manual says the focal link needs to be 57 inches and 5/8 with the FD rating at 3.8. Making some adjustments with out trying to bend the three legs on my dish, the closest I can get is 58 inches and 1/16. With it being 1/2 inches off from the feedhorn ring...
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    question about ku band

    i have a 12' SAMI dish with a chaparral corotor 2 plus feed horn, the best ku quality i can get is 75 and i have a smaller Direct ku-ka dish which is 25 width and 30 length and it gets about the same quality that my 12 foot does. i thought the big dish would get a better quality but there about...
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    problem with INSPN channel

    cant get channel to come in, on screen it says cannot find ratings information. unable to view, program may be locked out. this has happened before and it came back in. but today it wont. does anybody have any suggestions. thanks. i do have the 4dtv new maps. thanks.
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    trouble locating hispasat 30w

    I am having trouble locating the Hispasat 30w. I am using an older model Ku-Ka dish 25x30 and using a Digiwave standard LNB model DGL-990D with a Manhattan reciever. I have found a frequency 12079H 8183SR doing a blind scan in the direction of the Hispasat 30w with the help of a satellite...
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    question about channel on galaxy 16

    on galaxy 16 i cant get wsjx fox out of caribean network. i have done blind scan and do pick up some of them. i know it switched to mp4 and i do get a signal but its blank. is this channel still available or is there something i am doing wrong? i have a manhattan 933 reciever. i would...
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    need a new map

    I need someone to make me a map with all the channels for my 922 reciever. I dont want the map 9 ,I want the newest with all the channels. INSP will be changing soon and I want that one with some more channels added. If someone can do it for me let me know. I can email you my nvram to work on...
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    How To Write A Map?

    Iv done figured out how to get the nvram out of my reciever using usbbdm nt and want to learn more about the MM program. Can you tell me where to begin or how you go about writing a map, I have no idea and I have looked over the forums but I havent found anything in detail on how you actually...
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    about mapmaster

    i saved my nvram bin file from my 922 and need to know what to do next? How do I use mapmaster? I am completely new to this. I have the file so what do I do now? Id appreciate any advice. thanks.