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    Is Dish heading towards dropping locals?

    I rec the email from Dish in mid April, scheduled an install on 4/23, the antenna works well for my locals (Houston DMA), I"m about 35 miles from the tower array, relatively flat ground near the Texas Gulf Coast. I was skeptical, the antenna is small (I didn't write the model # down) compared...
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    Dish made TV's?

    I bought the bundle package for $1000, included a 921 HD dvr + the 34" crt hi def monitor (didn't have a tuner in the tv), at the time it was the least expensive deal for an hd tv & dvr and the pic quality was decent for what hd was available at the time. I know the Dish guys that delivered it...
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    OTA digital usb tuner for Hopper available on Dish site

    I ordered one yesterday from the Dish website ($30 + sales tax shipped), this item had been out of stock since my hopper install on 1/10, this is about $10 cheaper than ordering elsewhere (ebay, amazon, etc.)
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    Local channels Off Air

    I noticed this in the guide last nite starting around 11:35 local time, (I'm in the Houston area), the locals (except channel 20) were showing "off air" for a 2 hour block. Of course I was curious so I clicked on channel 13 (yeah, it's like I need to see if the paint was really wet!), I got an...
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    Gains and Losses if I switch from Direct to DISH

    I guess this will be coming "soon"..... yeah, I had noticed that on the horizon but I can live with the current model, it will serve my needs.
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    Gains and Losses if I switch from Direct to DISH

    I'm switching from Direct back to Dish, Hopper install scheduled for 1/10. My contract with Direct is up on the 13th of this month and I wanted to accomplish two things: reduce my monthly bill and have more tuners than the hr24 so I can stop using my Dish Pal DTV DVR and have all recordings on...
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    Thinking of switching from Directv to Dish - Any tips?

    I wouldn't cancel with only 2 months left (well, that's because I'm cheap and to me it doesn't make sense to pay $xx times the remaining months on the contract), just use the remaining time to figger out who has the best deal for your viewing habits. I'm thinking about looking at Dish in mid...
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    Talk Me Off the Ledge

    Here's what I would do, I would price out what package you want with Direct, see what the total cost for 24 months would be (length of the contract) and see what the average cost per month is. Then I would contact Dish retention and see what they would do for you, compare the two average costs...
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    State of Texas increasing taxes on satellite?????

    The tax rate should be (in Texas) .0625, which is the state rate, according to page 11 of this brochure from Carole Rylanders office pursuant to the Federal Communications Act of 1996. Any taxes other than state imposed would (or...
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    Is Dish even trying to retain its customers?

    I get what the OP is saying, I switched from Dish to Direct on 1/13/11, I'm a former Absolute sub and Dish customer for 10+ years. I know it costs less to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new customer, Dish doesn't seem to comprehend this. (In fairness, Dish isn't the only Fortune...
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    Lost absolute now I have to pay to send their equipment back.

    I wouldn't use USPS to send one back, too many chances of it not arriving, even with a shipment confirmation. I canceled Dish on 1/13/11 (long live Absolute's memory...and cheap price!), Dish sent a box with a prepaid label (the $15 charge), I put the 622, 2 remotes, and lnb in the box. (I...
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    Losing HD Absolute. Any suggestions?

    I signed up with Direct, got the $180 cash card, I'm not a Costco member so these are my options: I can use the card online at with a 5% upcharge (not real impressed with the offerings online since they don't carry the food/household items online, but to each his own), or I can use...
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    Losing HD Absolute. Any suggestions?

    This is part of the promo that's been running for several years now, but I read where SoCal doesn't get the $14 for the second year. I went to directv and used zip code 90210 and sure enough, the $14 didn't appear in months 13-24. I dunno if that's the only area not getting it. I think...
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    Losing HD Absolute. Any suggestions?

    I canceled Absolute on 1/13, I went with Direct choice xtra pak. I was able to get the $180 Costco card (it arrived Fed Ex yesterday), the $100 referral discount, the 29 for first 12 months, and 14 for months 13-24, discount. I got the $5 off additional for the first 12 months. I'm not sure...
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    Losing HD Absolute. Any suggestions?

    Yeah, but still not nearly as cheap as Absolute:mad: Latino Max hd will be $59 + dvr fee, effective 2/1; even with the Double D applied (the Dish Discount), it's still gonna be a tidy sum more than Absolute, especially when you've got one or two "must have" channels that end up costing you...
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    Losing HD Absolute. Any suggestions?

    I had a Direct install on 1/13, got the choice xtra pack, one hd dvr (hr24-500) and one hd box (think it's an hr24), with the whole house service (geez, my mind wants to type "whor* house service"....), anyway my bill will average $53 per month (rounded up, no taxes included) for 24 months with...
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    Losing HD Absolute. Any suggestions?

    It's a regional non-offer in SoCal, I used zip code 90210 to see the monthly charges and the $14 discount for months 13-24 doesn't show up. The AAA credit will keep you from getting the $100 referral credit, you can't get both. I canceled Dish last nite, had Direct installed in the...
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    Losing HD Absolute. Any suggestions?

    Bad news: Dish is "divorcing" you and keeping the Absolute package. Good news: You get to pick another package that meets the minimum requirement to complete your commitment with Dish. More bad news: The package you pick will cost more than Absolute. The standard wording in these contracts...
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    Losing HD Absolute. Any suggestions?

    I dunno, I really believe the pack is gone come Feb 1, but I've been wrong before! I can't see Dish going thru these motions, sending the letters and making the calls. I suppose you don't have anything to lose by not changing before 2/1, worse thing would be getting put in the 200 pack. I got...
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    Losing HD Absolute. Any suggestions?

    What package price is retention (or the regular csr) quoting, is it the current pricing (on the AT & Dish America) or are they quoting the prices effective 2/1/11? Dish called me this morning, I wasn't available to take the call. I've got a Direct install set up so the point is moot for me...