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    Lost 129 because of trees

    Hi There, I live in the middle of three acres all wooded. I have a VIP612 and a 1000.2 ant (the one that looks at 110, 119 and 129 birds). Everything worked great except trees grow and I have lost the signal on 129. The 1000.2 antenna is right on the tree line. I have room to move backward...
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    Elevation pointer

    Hi All, What do you use specifically for the elevation pointer on the 1000.4 dish, the center of the lock-down screw on the side? Thanks
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    Satellite elevation compared to antenna elevation

    Hi All, I am setting up a 1000.4 antenna and the elevation needs to be 41 which would be close to the top of a tall tree. Does the satellite actually sit higher in the sky than the 41 degrees the antenna needs to be set to? Thanks, Bill