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    2T EHD not supported with VIP 722k message?

    Do the 722's only support up to 1T EHD?
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    TV codes for Jensen tv

    I tried suggested codes from and no luck here is what I used so far. 903 12 13 2 762 6 5 3 912 4 2 4 502 4 2 5 653 4 2 6 654 2 1 7 842 2 1 8 537 2 1 9 539 2 1 10 627
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    Hard Drive failure vip722,

    Any way to back up tv shows? when I get ready to shuffle them to an EHD it show the show but 0 bytes
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    1.5 remote/ with UHF Receiver/IR Transmitter

    What remote can I use in place of the dead 1.5 remote
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    When is the next Dish Chat on 999

    When is the next Dish Chat on 999
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    VIP 722 DVR Timers

    My second 722 receiver was flood in my basement, so the second one that was sent out had a smart card, I noticed I have a max of 40 timers, the older 722 has close to 90, were there signiciant changes to the lastest 722's limiting timers?
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    110 issues after moving Dish out of trees

    I have moved the Dish off to the corner of my roof due to trees over growing my previous location. I am able to get 119 and 129 at 60 on signal strength, when I go to 110 it shows 50+ but it says not locked and wrong Sat 129. IS the Sat. location 110, 119, 129 respective when looking into the...
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    do you need a primary account before getting a tailgater

    Can I add a new customer with a tailgater and the 211K receiver without them needing a primary account for getting a tailgater? What is the minimum package required? DishInstallAdam
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    Dish Retailer site

    Where on the portal is there a reimbursement form for service calls made to Dish Network customers?
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    starting and ending time of programs

    Is there a way to calibrate the start and end times of tv shows, I know there is the early and late setting of shows on the dvr but it seems that dvr misses the last 30 seconds to a show
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    Sling Adapter

    Do I need a sling adapter for each Vip722k I have? both are already on my network.
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    Hopper and Joey are intermittent

    I had a 2 hopper and 4 joey install, and after 2 weeks the customer says one hopper and at least 2 joeys are intermittent. There is one hopper that seems to be trouble free, other than there needing to be a software version update? or changing out the duo node for another? Is there any other...
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    Dish Chargeback

    I have a customer that is having a new receiver sent out to him, he want me to go through the steps to get it up and running. Maybe chargeback isn't the term, but where is my time charged to too get the customer up and running again? Does Dish have a form on Dish retailer site?
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    Dish 3000 with UHF Pro remote

    Dish 3000 with a Echostar 142993(10.1 UHF Pro) remote that has had issues eating batteries. Bad Remote? or the UHF conversion acting up?
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    Dish 3000

    Can I use a 3.0/IR or 4.0/IR/UHF remote as a replacement for a Dish 3000 system?
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    Is there a Excede training schedule for 3rd quarter

    I see a previous schedule through the month of June, but nothing more on what the 3rd quarter for training for the Excede
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    Filtering out channels so you can watch OTA and Direct TV

    the Combiner I am using is not enough to get my digital OTA channels and Direct TV through on my 2nd and 3rd tvs
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    Has there been any issues with Sat 119 and 129 since solar flare

    I am not getting those two out of the three.
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    Is there a lag with the hoppers downloading software on initial setup?

    The one right out of the box took closer to 30 min then I rebooted, then hooked up another, I am still waiting to see how long its going to take
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    Any DASH members here?

    Anyone here that is a DASH member or knows someone that is, or has contact info for that member?