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    Contest: Dr. HD Satellite Meters - Two Winners

    I want to win a Dr. HD Advanced Satellite Meter
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    Familyfriendlye channel gone?

    Familyfriendlye channel on Galaxy 23 tp 9 moved to tp 1 per lyngsat and there web site. i get all the other channels on tp1 but not Familyfriendlye channel. does anyone else get this channel if so what info can i use to get it thanks scotty
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    I've lost my Spirit TV :(

    Spirit Tv i work for a LP christian tv station and spirit has sent us email saying they will quit broadcasting as of Dec 3rd reason given. thanks scotty
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    Satellite Recievers worth ?

    we have a DSR4400x and DSR905 and are wondering what they are worth. the DSR4400x(Pod1)was for Familynet till the upgraded to DSR4402x(Pod2) and the DSR905 was a backup receiver for us. we need a receiver for Daystar now anyone know what there worth or have a DSR4402x for trade? thanks...
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    Paying for support

    i used paypal to pay for the support of satelliteguys.and tryed to go to paying members part and it still says to gain access to this you need to pay. and what eles do i need to do to complete the transaction? thanks scotty
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    combining multiple units through a modulator?

    So if you want to create a mini home CATV network of 12 channels, you will need Qty 12x Modulators, and Qty 1x 12-way-Combiner would the single-channel modulator C180 at each reciever hooked up to PHC-12G pico macom 12 channel 1ghz broadband passive headend combiner work to put all recievers...
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    Channelmaster rocks!!

    Channelmaster Software IceBerg, will the Channelmaster Software and your file work for a Pansat 2500a? i'm trying to find G10 Ku side. thanks Scotty
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    Enter to WIN: Sadoun Digipower SG2100 Motor Giveaway!

    Moteck Motor from Sadoun "I want to win the Moteck Motor from Sadoun"
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    Enter Here To Win: 1.2 Meter Dish And Stand

    Fortec 120 CM / 1.2 Meter (4 Foot) Dish and Floor Stand please enter me in the Fortec 120 CM / 1.2 Meter (4 Foot) Dish and Floor Stand. thanks scotty
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    Win a FORTEC MERCURY II from Sadoun!

    I would like to enter for the Fortec Mercury II. I would like to enter for the Fortec Mercury II. thanks scotty
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    Would some one check this channel

    thanks Iceberg i have a satwork ST3688 and did blind search and would not pick it up. typed the parameters in and it came in. thanks
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    Would some one check this channel

    Amc 1 .
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    Would some one check this channel

    This is the paper we got from Faith Tv. sorry my scanner quit. Signal Source Satellite G3C Digital Rx Satellite Location : 95 degrees W.L. Band : C Polarity :V Transponder : 2 Bandwidth: 3MHZ, (Video 2.25) Digital/Pre-Compressed Source Video/Audio/Data PIDs...
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    Would some one check this channel

    sorry C Band
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    Would some one check this channel

    Would some one check this channel to see if it is on. G3C transponder 2 polarity Vertical video/audio 1300/1301 SR2.2064 it's is Faith TV new home Starting April 25th it is at both location from April 15 - 24 thanks scotty
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    Commerical DVB

    does anyone know if the TraxisDBS2800,CoshipCDVB5110G,CoshipCDVB2000M recievers pass closed caption? if not could you recommend some that do. thanks scotty
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    2 satellites locations from one 10' dish?

    we have a low power tv station at my church and we have three dishes now for 4 feeds (spirit on Amc 3 , Family net on IA13 ,and Worship & Faith on Amc1) Faith is moving to G3c next it possible to pickup 2 satellites from 1 10' dish? either Amc3/G3c or G3c/Amc1 on one dish? there is...
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    Dish & Direct lnb's

    will a dt reciever on a dish network dish work or are there lnbs different?
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    my reciever has locked me out , is there any way to clear password? thanks scotty