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    Will EchoStar Carry Al-Jazeera HD?

    are you calling Bullsh!t? im not sure if you are. lol thinking of the old kool aid commercials brings back allot of good memories, who could think of a big jug breaking through a wall. crazy lol
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    Will EchoStar Carry Al-Jazeera HD?

    lol im american and i have lived in saudi arabia and i was there this summer, i have many friends there arabs and americans, nobody has ever treated me badly, actually one of my friends got out of some trouble with the law just because he was American. also one of my saudi friends that studied...
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    Will EchoStar Carry Al-Jazeera HD?

    the answer is no. happy? lol i dont see how any of those are related to aljazeera, i saw a show about alqaida on a news channel not to long ago i think it was cnn but not sure, it was a women reporter that went with alqaida to there camp and she did interviews with them and talked about how...
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    Will EchoStar Carry Al-Jazeera HD?

    so are we getting this channel or whats going on?
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    Will EchoStar Carry Al-Jazeera HD?

    im the one with a closed mind? talk about hypocrisy. your the one that wants to ban the channel just because its from the middle east. its a news channel they report the news they don't make the news. they report good and bad news. something happens they report it. why dont we blame CNN for...
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    Will EchoStar Carry Al-Jazeera HD?

    sorry but your mistaken and unlike you i can prove my point, alarabia and other channels alwayes play it after aljazeera does only difference is that aljazeera airs it first. let me ask you something, how do you know that they are sending vitriolic messages of death, violence and hatred if no...
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    Will EchoStar Carry Al-Jazeera HD?

    wow wow woooooooooow, am i really reading this how many of you have watched al-j or even better how many of you know what they are saying if you did watch it, probably not many if any lol. all you know is what fox tells you, do you really think there gonna say ya its good, of course not. your...
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    Starz Edge is now available on 269

    i just noticed that we just got starz edge and that we dont have encorehd anymore
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    Is it me or is the guide hard to see?

    ya i have the same problem my tv is a 27 and the guide was the first thing that i noticed i even called to see if i could change it but they cant so i hope they use a new one on the dvr cus this one really sucks
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    2 New Channels added

    i am pretty happy that voom added these channels. although i dont speak spanish i understand that other people do and they are probably extremely exited now.
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    New channels look bad!

    all the chanels look good to me
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    New Channels Added! (BBC, Noggin, etc...)

    oh man this is unbelievable voom is great. what a great surprise there selection is very good. the only channel that i was exited about was cnn International but they actually added channels that were not on the list. i love mtv2 and mtvhits and vh1 classics and the other channels look very...
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    New Channels Added: - Discoveries & Fox Movie

    the tim you stole the words out of my mouth i dont care how many chanels they add to vavavoom i simply am not going to pay that much. and dish and direct knows that most americans wont pay 90$ a month thats why they got more than one choise for under 50$ and thats why they got all the subs and...
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    New Channels Added: - Discoveries & Fox Movie

    im very happy that voom is expanding and showing that it is doing ok. but honestly im not really going to pay anymore than what i do for those channels and im shore that most people agree. i know that we need to support voom but honestly right now im paying 60$ thats to much but im doing my...
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    My Take on PQ with the Harmonic Encoders

    i dont have an hdtv only a normal 30in and everything looks the same to me (good quality)
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    Credit Card needed for $1 install

    actually i had the same problem i wanted to get voom like 8 or six months ago but they tol me i needed a credit card. i called back two months after that and they told me the same thing. so last month i desided to go ahead and tell them that i had one and i just gave them my debit card number...
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    Seattle to Bellingham VOOMERS where are you. Report in with Signal range@!

    i have about 7 locals and right now im not getting all of them so im upgrading on the first. i live close from downtown. its nice hearing that you are thinking about moving here it is preatty nice and alot calmer than seattle.
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    voom has a new promotion

    hey i am a current voomer and i just upgraded for 2 months for free its fo real people
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    Seattle to Bellingham VOOMERS where are you. Report in with Signal range@!

    i live in spokane WA i have had voom for about a week now and i love it i have a 24dish my signal is at 96-97 we have had rain and it didnt efect it.
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    What does Voom Need to do Most to Attract New Customers?

    did you understand what i was trying to say?