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    Dish 500 & Nimiq 82 and 91

    Guys ... quick question... I have an old Dish 500, can I use that to recive signal from Nimiq 82 and 91? If yes what should the setting be for zip code 01701 Skew Angel:? Elv : ? thanks for your help :)
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    118.7 Anik3

    can you get 118.7 Anik3 using invacom SNH-031? Thanks guys :)
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    Viewsat pvr 7000 (hdd)

    Guys just bought a VIEWSAT PVR 7000 ... I like to use the HDD option so out looking for one I see 2 interface ... any idea what do I need for this reciver? EIDE interface Ultra ATA/133 Serial ATA interface thanks ....
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    Viewsat 7000

    Hello…. Am thinking of buying a Viewsat 7000, I have a HH100 motor, does this system work well with motors specially is there any problems with the USALS on that system? Thanks in advance ….
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    Invacom Quad Qph-031

    Does any one have a diagram that show how to connect INVACOM QUAD QPH-031 to a HH100 motor and a receiver? I know you have to use a DiSEqC to contact the L and C from the QPH-031, but what end goes to the motor and to the receiver? I have a CaptiveWorks CW-800S what should the LNB setup...
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    CaptiveWorks CW-800S

    Hello.... I'm thinking about buying CaptiveWorks CW-800S, I will be using it with a HH100 motor, is there any problems with the USALS on that system, its key that i get a USALS system to work ? Thanks ....
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    Stab Hh100,

    I bought a new STAB HH100, what should I setup me inclination on the dish and motor? AMC-6 as a true south (KU) satellite Latitude: 42.254 N Longitude: 71.460 W Thanks in advance
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    motor arm

    I was wondering if matter where on the motor arm (SG2100) to mount my dish ( see attached pic) Should it be mounted even with the bottom of the arm or in the middle of the arm or as far up the arm as I can go? Does anyone know if it matters is there a preferred spot on the motor arm where I...
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    Using USALS to find "True South"

    Using USALS to find "True South" Ok I have setup my dish and motor and got 90% using 12143 V 2573 (AMC-6 as a true south (KU) satellite). But when I mover the dish I get no fix on any other Sat? I have been reading and I’m confused about one thing, when you point your dish to AMC-6 does...
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    Guys…. Just bought a new motor (SG2100),I would like to set it up today …just to check on my figures: Zip code : 01721 AMC-6 as a true south (KU) satellite. Motor elev= 47 deg maybe 48 Dish elev. (when used with motor)= 23 deg maybe 23.5 What active transponder should I use?
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    Telstar 6 satellite (93.0°W) and Telstar 12 at 15.0W

    Guys …. I live in Ashland Mass 01721, I have a 30 inch dish and a FSKU-V Universal single LNBF, I was wondering from where I live/ the equipment, can I point my dish and receive : • Telstar 6 satellite at 93.0°W (Aghapy TV) • Telstar 12 at 15.0W (Rotana Cinema, Rotana Moussica and Rotana...
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    dish 500/split the signal

    Guys, I have 2 questions, and thanks for your help in advance, 1. I have an old dish (dish 500) that I would like to use, can I point that 61.5 Echo 3, or is it only design for 119/110 ? 2. I have a dish contacted to 61.5 and would like to use another receiver, can you split the...
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    lost some channels on Telsar 5!

    Guys, Quick question, I lost some channels (Arabic) on Telsar 5, is there any problems with that Sat, I don’t want to go up on the roof and adjust the dish if I don’t have to (cold!). Thanks for your help…..
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    Why signal strength is different for various Channels?

    Why some signals are weaker than others on various channels? they are all routed from same Sat, but various frequencies, why would the strength varies? what is the best frequencie to peak my alignment to IA5 (would that be the weakest tp) :confused: PS. I like to get a channel on ...
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    Having trouble with True South

    First great fourm ... MY zip code is 01701 I'm installing FTA system with a SG2100 Motorized H to H Mount. 30" dish with a KU Band LNBF I know my Latitude is 42.3 and longitude is 71.1... from what I have been reading you look for the close sat to the "71.1" would that be Brasilsat B1...
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    New Guy Need Real Help !

    First great fourm ... I have been on all night reading :) MY zip code is 01701 I'm installing FTA system with a SG2100 Motorized H to H Mount. can any one please tell me where do I need to set my: Elevation declination And what degree do I need to point my dish to get the Telstar5...