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    Multiple hd receivers

    Thanks guys, Actually I just found out this evening that his 3rd tv in the bedroom has a hd receiver so it's only the other one we got them that is the issue and they can sort that as needed. It doesn't help that it seems like half the time they're watching hd channels on 480p and whatnot but...
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    Multiple hd receivers

    Thanks. Guess sometimes easiest is still easiest.
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    Multiple hd receivers

    In laws now have 4 hd tvs. Hddvr on one (not newest model) and a h24 I believe on a second. Other two have d12-100 receivers. Long time customer so what would be the best angle to get the two hd tvs onto hd programming
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    Hockey Playoffs

    I think it's even beyond that. What was annoying was NBC advertising their broadcasts as national coverage, when in essence it wasn't.
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    Hockey Playoffs

    I know Ice. It was blacked out on NBC sports in the flyers region though so couldn't watch it on directv
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    Hockey Playoffs

    So despite them being advertised as national coverage, subs in the Philly DMA are still blacked out from the Philly Pittsburgh game because the local RSN is broadcasting the game and satellite doesn't carry it. That ain't national coverage in my book... BS.
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    Just to add to the discussion re sports in this package. Given that it's the entertainment package, it makes sense that you have espn & espn 2 and nothing else. They're more entertainment than sports these days IMO. Sports consumes massive $$$ in terms of programming costs so unfortunately if...
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    PBS Sprout moving to Choice Ultimate 2/9 (update: for new customers)

    Any others? I'm pretty pissed about the sprout thing if I'm honest. Now if fox soccer moved out of the sports pack into choice extra that would lessen the pain...
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    Credit for New HDDVR?

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    Credit for New HDDVR?

    Yeah, I'm well out of commitment and haven't utilized too many credits so hopefully I can work something out. In terms of size (small) and speed (fast - clearly) is the HR24 my best bet?
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    Credit for New HDDVR?

    Thanks, good to know. What's the best way to go about it? Call and tell them I'm thinking about doing that,get the go ahead and buy the thing and they issue the credit after I activate the new receiver?
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    Credit for New HDDVR?

    So I'd like to upgrade my current HDDVR (its a HR20-700) to a HR24 - basically for aesthetic purposes. Would directv issue an account credit if I bought it from an independent seller?
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    Fox Soccer channel

    It was originally in the Dish 250 package but I see they have now moved it into their 120+ and sportspack. Any word on whether we can expect to see Directv move this into a more mainstream package and out of the sportspack?
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    Choosing the right DirecTV package

    Depends what soccer you're after. If it's the English league and you want it all, you may want to get Choice Extra, then add the Sports Pack ($12) for Fox Soccer Channel/Gol Tv and Fox Soccer Plus ($15) but when you're making your inquiry about FSP ask about a credit. They may give you $10...
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    Directv Response Center???

    Anyone know what this is? I've received a number of calls that show up as Directv on my caller ID. I am in DC and it is a 410 (MD) number - they never leave a message. Yesterday I called the number back about 5 mins after they had called me and I got a voice mail saying I had reached the...
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    Is the World Cup in 1080p???

    I find that the HD pic on the low budget MASN is great for what it's worth
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    Free HD Access for EXISTING customers

    Called and told the CSR that I was aware of a 24 month free HD for existing subs. I already had auto pay so she sorted me out a 24 month credit within a minute or two. No problems at all.
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    DirecTV downgrade questions?

    Incorrect. I have a HD DVR and no longer have DVR service. When I got rid of my DVR service I did lose the ability to watch material that was previously stored on it, but didn't have to return the receiver.
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    Tell Directv to add FOX SOCCER CHANNEL HD

    I'll give Directv a bit of time and ride out the rest of this season under the current status quo. However, come August when the next season of the English league starts I will be with whatever provider is offering FSC in HD and FSC+ in HD.
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    Dish to add 8 more HD on 2/10 when will we get more?

    True that. Gimme FSC in HD and forget the rest