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    Regional Sports Update

    Well, I'm the odd man out I guess. I do like some sports on TV. I really miss the Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers that were on the Regional Sports channel Dish dropped. If I can find a "solid" and affordable way to stream their games, I'll gladly drop all the Premium Channels I pay for on Dish to...
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    Wireless Joey Issue

    I've experienced a large number of lost connections with my WAP recently. A Dish tech came out a couple weeks ago and replaced the WAP. It is better, but not 100%. Anyway, he said that Dish was releasing a new version WAP (and wireless Joeys) soon. Is that really happening? I agree that there...
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    "Home Media" App removed?

    I'm very disappointed!! I have other options for viewing my WD MyCloud server, but the Dish Home App was the easiest. It was always a little "picky", but my wife could use it with minimal "operator" issues.