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    Cancelling Dish is it Easy?

    I am seriouslly considering cancelling dish. I really like it, but with Netflix,Boxee, Hulu etc. I just don't get the value out of it any more. I have a HTPC that I can record OTA TV too. The only real benefit I get from dish is sports. Since college basketbal season is almost over, and Baseball...
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    Dish 722 web activatio/dish remote access?

    I have had my 722 for a couple years now. Ever since they enabled remote access to it it over a year ago DRA worked great until the last couple months. Now it rarely works at all. I know dish made a few changes to features etc on the DRA, that seems to be when the problems started to occur. I...
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    vip 722 tv 2 remote

    I have had dish for a couple years, for the longest time my second remote worked pretty well. Lately it is very temperamental. I tried moving the antenna on the dish. Is there some way I can get the antenna to work any better and get better reception? ?The sat box has been in the same place...
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    Changeing Dish America Silver to Dish America?

    I just called dish was wanting to change my package from Dish America Silver (Formerly Turbo HD Silver) to just Dish America. I tried to do this online, but it kept giving me an error and told me to contact dish. I called them and the LAdy told me I had to have a tech come out and change and my...
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    Big Ten Network 2 -Local Sports Pack

    I live in Cincinnati area, so big ten network is available via local sports package with fox sports ohio. I noticed on dish's packages they list Big Ten Network 2 on one of their tiers. I know big ten 2 is the extra big ten channels for alternate games etc. Is Big Ten 2 included in that local...
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    Dolby Digital Optical Out Now working?? 722

    I recently had my VIP 722 replaced with a new one, hard drive died on the old one. I cannot get the dolby digital to work on this new dvr. I have my dish hooked up via hdmi and an optical cable plugged into my Receiver. With my old vip 722 it worked just fine this way. on the new 722 my...
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    Local HD Cincinnati??

    Does dish have Local Channels 5, 9, 12, 19 for Cincinnati in HD? the dish rep told me the channels for them were 5160-5163 however I tried those channels and do not get them it just goes back to the closet channel number to them when I put the number in manually. I get local channels just not...
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    dish remote access port??

    Ok I am trying to use the new remote access feature but cannot get it to work. I am able to get an ip address on the dvr box. I can even ping it from my desktop. I do have a real firewall not some linksys box, what ports does this feature use? Also is it possible to access the box directly...
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    local hd cincinnati

    I happened to notice in my guide today a channel 75 which said local hd channels are here, then it said coming soon. Anyone know the staus of local hd channels for cincinnati area?? thanks
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    Best place to buy dish for non hd in Cincy

    MY mom wants to switch from satellite to dish. She does not have an hdtv. I was wondering where is the best place for her to purchase from. I bought mine directly from dish, but saw later that their were other 3rd parties that would give better dish than dish, different thins in the package...
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    Hd Temp Reading 722

    I just got a laptop cooler to help cool my 722. I was wondering how soon i should expect the average temp to decrease? I have used the cooler all day and have not seen the avg temp decrease yet. Any ideas? Do i need to do a reset or something to get a new temp reading? Thanks
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    ViP722 reboots

    My ViP722 has rebooted randomly 4 or 5 times in the past few weeks. What causes this can i prevent it? Yesterday I had no sound on OTA Channels, I did a reset on the box and it was fine. Then my box rebooted again today and no OTA sound. Not home now but I tried to convince the wife to do the...
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    used receivers?

    If i buy a used reciever can I just plug it in to my satelite coaxile and it works or what? I have the new hddvr 722 but I was thinking of buying a used sd dvr so I could have my satellite in a 3rd room. I don't want to pay another $5 a month, I can get an older used sd dvr box for $50
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    america plus 100 w/out locals

    On dish website they list americas top 100 plus without locals for 34.99 DISH Network | DISH Builder when going to order this there is an option to add locals for $5. When I signed up for dish the other day I was told my bill would be $40 for the first 6 months with HDDVR then $60 after the...
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    Local Channels via Antenna on 2nd tv

    I have the vip 722 and can get in local channels over my antenna great on my first tv, but they do not come in on my second tv. The second tv is connected to the 722 as well. Is there a way to get it so i can view them on my second tv or do i need to somehow connect another antenna to my...