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    America's Top 250 with no locals.

    Not to keep this going but I needed MattG from DIRT help remove locals after I had ordered a PPV[previous pm from Matt]: I did not add the locals onto the account, but it looks like when the PPV was ordered, they were added on Matthew "Speedy" Gonzales DISH Network Customer Service...
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    America's Top 250 with no locals.

    Even ordering a PPV is considered a change to your base pack not including locals.
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    Locals free?

    Ordering PPV will also force the change in your base package to change to include locals[and the $5.00 month increase]. It basically appears any kind of contact with Dish now and they make the change to include locals[add PPV,Sling,BB,premium channels,free promotions]. Not a good move from...
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    A Hard lesson to understand on PPV

    Just wanted to let others know who qualify for free promos[HBO\SHOW\RZONE] that if you have a Base pack that does not include locals[grandfathered in[out] with no locals save $5.00\month],any change made to account will qualify as a change,making the account to include locals and the $5.00\month...
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    A Hard lesson to understand on PPV

    First thanks for this site and a big thumbs up to the Dirt members[Thanks MattG on all your help]. Started out with a few questions for Matt in regards to my account and promos.Have AT250[no locals] + multi sports. Got quick replies and he had me going in the right direction. All was...
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    Website problem

    Firefox was ok