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    Will a 6000 work with a Dish 1000 ?

    I currently have 2 301s and a DP 500. I am going to replace one of the 301s with a 6000 receiver so I can get the HD content. I was also going pick up Dish 1000 so I can get the 3 birds. I have heard that one 301 receiver is enough to power a dish pro system, whatever that means. But, My...
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    Best guide magazine for Dish?

    Which is the best monthly programming guide magazine for Dish ?
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    Obstacle clearance ?

    If my elevation is 40 but there is an obstacle with an elevation of say 38 in the way, is that enough clearance? (Its a dish 500) Same thing with azimuth, how much obstacle clearance from the peak angle settings do you need to ensure a good signal ?
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    Reading a clinometer

    Trying to figure out my elevation with a clinometer but apparently I'm clueless. On the side it reads 80 but when I look through the sight it says 40? Which number do I use ? :confused:
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    Best way to bury cable?

    I need to bury about 25 feet of cable. Should I rent a trench digger? What do the pros do?