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    Change TV1/TV2 set-up (322 reciever)

    Ok, so I have been reading a bunch of different threads on recievers, OTA, etc.. but there is a lot of jargon I just don't understand so my question is... The 322 is in an upstairs bedroom (TV1) with TV2 in an office downstairs. I watch more in the office so I'm thinking if I put the 322 in...
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    OTA question

    I'm kind of new to OTA so if this has been asked before I apologize. Can I hook an OTA to the diplexer (I think that is what it is called) for TV2. How its hooked now in case I'm using wrong terminology is the TV2 is fed via in house coax. There is an adapter with the coax coming in and then...
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    Time to have a tech come?

    So since I'm not able to lease another reciever since I "upgraded" when we added a SD reciever I figured I'd just change the config of the setup so my main 622 would still feed the fam room and the TV2 would switch to my office so I could get the dvr access for sports. Anyway, going through...
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    622 Manual

    Anyone know of a link to the 622 manual? All the ones that I have found, including DISH's own, does not include Chapter 12 which is the chapter I'm looking for. What I am looking to do is change the room that uses the TV 2 since DISH said "hell no" to me getting another HD reciever
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    Adding addt'l HD reciever

    In my current setup I have a 622 in the family room which also feeds the master. I also have an SD reciever in one bedroom which also feeds a tv in my office. Can I add an HD reciever to the office without having to change the rest of the setup? I guess I'm asking is adding the new...
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    Its snowing... no DISH Network

    I live in Coeur d'Alene, ID and we are having another snowstorm and once again I've lost my signal for my SD and HD (two dish set-up). Technical support says clear the snow off it, great excpet their isn't any snow on it. Is there something else that can cause this to happen? I have dealt with...
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    DISH says can't change

    I currently have the platinum HD with Top 100 and would rather get HD only plus locals. I spoke with a rep and they said I cannot change my programming package and Turbo HD is for new customers. Said even if I canceled my service with them and then signed back up I would not be considered a new...
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    DVR dead already!

    Just got Direct on saturday and the dvr died monday They are sending a new one. Is this a common problem?
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    HD upgrade

    If I have a SD box and purchase an HD box can I just swap them and receive HD service? CSR says yes since I have HD DVR, therefore an HD signal
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    Reciever updates

    Due to room layout my 622 is not reachable by phone line or ethernet. Is there a wireless option? Does it matter?
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    PS3 and DTS-HD

    I think it was on engadgethd that the next update will include support for DTS-HD with 7.1 Anyone else seeing this?
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    D*/Verizon bundles

    Anyone gotten D* bundled with Verizon? They have a package where you can bundle D*, DSL, and phone which the wife likes. Looks like you have to pony up once for equipment though. Anyone done one of these deals?
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    cost to downgrade?

    How bad are the charges to downgrade? I need to get rid of one reciever and would like to ditch the VOOM channels
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    DISH uploads

    What does it actually mean when a channel is uploaded? That it is now viewable?
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    OTA question

    I have DISH w a 622 set up and would like to get HD in the 2nd room. Can I use a OTA for this? How would it be setup? New to OTA
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    Multi sport package

    Due to blackouts can you even see any sports outside of your homemarket?