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  1. chicagofilms

    Question about OnDemand file sizes

    I just had my install today & am up and running. Everything's GREAT! It's like Comcast wasn't actually broadcasting in HD & quite surprising how much better the PQ is! I was wondering about the ondemand downloads though. 1. How big is an average 1080p movie? 2. Is there a way to...
  2. chicagofilms

    Internet hook up

    If I may hop in here, I had the same question. I have a new install coming this Saturday and was wondering about connecting to the internet. Since It's a new install, I'm assuming I'll get an HR24? Do I just need to plug into my network? Or do I actually need to pay the $25 internet...
  3. chicagofilms

    Thinking of switching.

    Gotcha. Thanks, I'm off to place my order! :D
  4. chicagofilms

    Thinking of switching.

    Awesome, sounds great. I have a few other questions if you don't mind. From the prices on ebay, buying the receivers would pay for themselves in a year or two. Is it worth it to buy a HD DVD & HD receiver off ebay to save the $5/mo lease fee? Or is there no way around the $5/mo? Or are...
  5. chicagofilms

    Thinking of switching.

    The prices look good. At least for the first year. Does anyone know if you can get directv with NO movie channels? I just want the networks, discovery, scifi, history and stuff like that. Also, what would it cost? The website only seems to let you choose packages with movie...
  6. chicagofilms


    wow! I love waking up to good news. I think about the only thing I'm left wanting is Chiller in HD, and I don't think that's even launched yet. I am left with the question however of: Will this be 1920x1080p, or some 1080p lite? 1400x1080p, them spit out from the player @ 1920x1080p?
  7. chicagofilms

    Here come the lower BD prices...

    I keep forgetting that BD's victory meant the prices would go up & without HD-DVD there could never be lower prices. :rolleyes: Apparently, the studios forgot this too. Warner lowers Blu-ray pricing - 7/11/2008 - Video Business
  8. chicagofilms

    Study: HD DVD's Exit Hasn't Helped Blu-ray

    That's from Jan-FEb. Sales for EVERYTHING go down during that period, after the x-mas season.
  9. chicagofilms

    Target sale

    Yea, I'm stopping by after work today. After lookag at thier site, there are quite a few titles for $19 and many for $20. Looks like an expensive trip to Target.. :p
  10. chicagofilms

    Target sale

    Just a heads up, Target has several titles on sale for $20. They only list a few in their ad, but a buddy stopped there yesterday & told me they had several titles, but ehre's a few he mentioned: Independence Day The Departed Predator Alien v. Predator Blood Diamond T2 T3 The Fifth Element -...
  11. chicagofilms

    A few decent prices on BD at BestBuy

    I think $20 is the ponit when I'll really start buying. right now I only buy bogos or really good sales. It was the same with DVD though. I initially bought a few titles here and there, then prices dropped below $20 for new releases and I started making a regular trip to BB on Tuesdays. I...
  12. chicagofilms


    YATAAAAAHHHH!!!!! :D I can't wait!
  13. chicagofilms

    PS3 gets DTSMasterHD decoding April 15!

    This has really got me considering a PS3 as a second player. Is it correct that it will only internally decode all sound formats? Does it output 7.1?
  14. chicagofilms

    BD Live is a Joke!!

    I don't think he was ripping on HD-DVD, just ripping on online content in general.
  15. chicagofilms

    BD Live is a Joke!!

    :D Nope. I have enough concerts, bootlegs & have been to enough concerts. Besides that, they (production companies, directors, etc.) wouldn't make anything that compelling an online only extra. They would want the most people possible to have it and put it on the disc. If they were to...
  16. chicagofilms

    BD Live is a Joke!!

    BD-Live is a joke? OK, but what about the guy spending 20 minutes trying to grab the trailer for MIB? Are the masses really clamoring to buy a $400 player, pull an ethernet cable to it, and then sit and download a trailer for a ten year old movie? I've said for a long time most people will...
  17. chicagofilms

    V for Vendetta is coming

    ARRRGGHHH!!!!! I too thought this was V, not V for Vendetta. I was really excited thinking I'd have some HD lizard action coming soon. I always had a crush on Jane Badler & Faye Grant. But Natalie Portman in HD is an excellent substitute.
  18. chicagofilms

    High Def Disc unit sales - The Digital Bits

    The whole 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 crying is so old already. The situation is FAR better than the first year or two of DVD. DVD: most early players could not do DTS. Many could not do RSDL. Many choked on newer copy protections - and there was no firmware update available. There were many issues...
  19. chicagofilms

    HD DVDs demise seem to push Blu-ray prices up

    The prices have simply gone back to MSRP. They have not raised prices, they just pulled back on the sale prices. As more manufacturers come into play and more players hit the street, the prices will fall. The fact is that right now there are still only a handful of players on the market. Its...
  20. chicagofilms

    Wal-Mart puts stake through HD DVD's heart

    Yes, it was the great DVD vs. Divx battle that gave us cheap DVDs. :rolleyes: Prices will come down, just like they did with DVD.