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    Is IFC Free?

    I didn't get IFC when I first signed up with Voom. Then I got HBO last week and IFC showed up as well. Was something wrong before (like maybe I was always supposed to get it) or is this something that comes with HBO?
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    First Impressions of Voom

    After about 4 hours of viewing I've already got some interesting first impressions: 1. The PQ is fantastic on the Voom originals. The content is pretty lame but I knew that before I bought. There's such a lack of HD content being produced you can hardly blame that on Voom. I have a Sammy...
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    Voom Installation Not Going Well So Far

    I have high hopes for Voom but I have to say that my experience with the installation has been terrible. I live in Phoenix and the local installer here is the cause of all the problems so far. It started when my install was scheduled for Saturday, 6/5. I called on Friday to confirm and to...