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    722 random problems

    This sounds very similar to what happened to my 722 over the past couple weeks. About 2 weeks ago, skipping forward would sometimes mean a 15-20 second pause. Fast forward was hardly quicker than realtime. Thursday night, I pressed the skip forward button and the screen locked up. It didn't...
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    VIP 722 video jitters / dropped frames -Help!!

    I've had what I think is the same issue for about 2 weeks. Sometimes when I fast forward or skip ahead, picture will be very jumpy or freeze for 10-15 seconds. It locks up like an overloaded computer would with a fragmented hard drive. I did not notice anything like this prior to 2 weeks ago...
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    Dish is great - until you have to deal with them

    I've been a relatively happy Dish customer for the past 3+ years. I originally had Voom (my first DBS experience) and got 'moved' to Dish. After a delay and a poor install, I had a 942 and 811 up and running. I've been running pretty good since that day a few years ago. Although I'll never...
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    Voom antenna with a 211?

    That may depend on what antennae that you got from Voom. I have the 'upgraded' - SquareShooter one. Before I got E*, I bought a power supply for that antennae to get it to work. The 942 powers it fine, but I hear that the newer receivers do not power the antennaes, so that may be an issue.
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    MyBook 320GB External USB Hard Drive - Enter To Win

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    Timers are suddenly empty?

    I've had this problem in the past on a 942. It was happening because of the 288 timer instance limit. When the new guide is downloaded at night, new matches to the timers are scheduled. If a match goes over the 288 limit, it isn't scheduled (along with any other lower priority timers). The...
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    942 Off Air Audio Problem

    I've been having the same problem for at least a couple weeks. I think it's happening on my local Fox station. It's random. Sound will just quit. Change to another OTA station, sound is back. Change back to Fox, it will work for a while again.
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    Forgotten 942 Users?

    I have leased a DVR 942 receiver for over 2 years. I've been subscribed to the $10 HD pack the whole time. I didn't 'upgrade' to the other HD pack because I wasn't interested in the Voom stations (Having coming from Voom to E*). I do watch ESPNHD and the HDNET stations. My understanding...
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    Anyone had experience with

    I've been a lender on for about 8 months. I think it's awesome. As a lender, you get pretty good returns. Risk is up to you. Riskier could bring better returns. All the financial information is there for you to make decisions. Borrowing seems to be easier than through a bank...
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    622 Wish List

    Here's some more ideas: Individual timers for multiple users. Then.. personalized recommendations. And... Once again, get rid of that stupid 288 timer limit (or quit counting things that are not going to record).
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    28?!?! Are you kidding me?

    I believe the limit on the 622 and 942 is 288 timers. Yes, call and complain. It's an unreasonable amount for a 10 day timer system.
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    VIP Dvr622 and OTA HD Antenna

    My understanding is that the 942 supplied the power to powered antennaes and the 622 does not. You may need to buy a power supply for your antennae.
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    Incorrect Dish HD installs

    My parents (longtime Dish subscribers) recently bought a very nice 60" HDTV. I told them to contact Dish and be upgraded to a 622. The installer came out last week and hooked up a 622. On Saturday I went to check out the new system but found the HD widescreen modes weren't working as I...
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    My Vip622 experience so far, coming from a Tivo and 811

    You hit the points which I have found be be what's lacking on Disk DVR's. I too came from Voom. I had a HTPC recording Voom with SageTV as software. SageTV was the closest to TIVO. It had the ability to record 'seasons' but at least remembered what episodes you watched so it wouldn't record...
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    942 Recording Problem

    I have a call into Dish about this issue. They said they haven't heard about it before, but I can verify it does happen. It always has to do with an OTA recording the same time as a SAT channel. You will get one recording stopped at the start of the other, the other recording will get the...
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    POS 811 acting up again

    I had the same problem with an 811 for a couple weeks. Finally called a rep with some decent ideas. Basically, do you have other Dish boxes? If so, unplug them all. Reset the 811 and see if it works. Mine went from seeing 1/2 of one satellite to seeing a full 3 satellites. He claims static...
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    Guide Problem

    I'm having terrible problems with the 811 today also. It can't seem to download the program info.