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    help in installing a 2nd multiswitch

    I have an installation with the new AT9 dish and 2 Zinwell WB68 multi switches so the information may not directly apply to your situation. The 4 leads from the dish built in multi switch go to 4 splitters. (Must be power passing on both legs.) The splitter outputs go to the 2 WB68 multi switch...
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    Detroit HD locals

    When you go to measure signal strength on the H-20 it always starts with Sat A so you can't tell what transponder you are receiving. I'm getting transponders 5 & 13 mid 80's and 7 & 15 mid 50's on 103 network 14 in Detroit. I presume 5 or 13 are the Detroit locals.
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    Wire on Fire. Help!

    I'd get a really good electrician to check the boat and shore power system. It sounds like a current leak somewhere. You are probably getting electrolysis corrosion and haven't noticed it yet. This is a potential safety issue and should be checked by a pro.
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    5lb dish and snow. :(

    I had two instances in December when a wet sticky snow caused a signal loss. It was interesting to observe that the MPEG2 channels were lost before the MPEG4 channels. I observed older style dish installs during this time frame and they had less buildup indicating the new design or finish is...
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    Additional MPEG4 / Detroit Info

    It really isn't that common a problem. I can't remember it being an issue even once a season. I rarely see dishes with covers or heaters even in Northern Michigan. If you are in the upper peninsula you may need a tall pole if you are using a ground mount. You need specific conditions such as a...
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    Additional MPEG4 / Detroit Info

    Bob, Your question is impossible to answer unless you had both dishes side by side because it is impossible to measure the rain or snow conditions in a quantitative manner on a past install and bring the data forward for comparison. I did have an old 3 lnb dish install that was subject to rain...
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    Additional MPEG4 / Detroit Info

    Mine lasted until about 11:15 for the nationals and 11:30 for the Detroit local. Alignment wouldn't help me since I had signals in the 80 & 90 normally. The good news is the new satellite lasted longer than the old ones. Just went out for a look. It is really a light coating of snow. This...