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    30" dish for 129-anyone using one?

    Anyone using a 30 or so inch dish for 129? If so, which one did you get (brand and model number) and where did you get it? Also, how did you get a DP LNB for it? Thanks. Jerry
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    811 dies, but does seem to respond to IR...

    After reading some suggestions that the 811 is IR capable and could be controlled by another remote, I excitedly came home to try using my 6000's remote with the 811. Unfortunately, upon turning on the 811, I got a 301 error message telling me about severe damage to the smart card. Tech support...
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    811 aspect modes?

    Someone posted on DBS Talk that he's finding only two aspect modes on the 811. With the 6000, you had five aspect modes when set to HD and two modes when set to SD. The 811 outputs HD and SD simultaneously, so how does it know whether to have two or five. This is something I hadn't thought of...
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    When will HD channels on 105 be "visible" ?

    I know that all the current HD channels are on 105 at this time, but according to those that are experimenting with other dishes/LNBs to see 105, they are "hidden" from regular users. When will those HD channels be "visible" to regular users? I can't set up my pseudo Superdish until they are.
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    811 delayed?

    On another forum, in this thread: a participant is saying, "I don't think that the 811 or the 522/322 will be ready by mid Nov.". On the recent tech chat, Nov 1 was given as the release date for the 811. Can anyone...