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  1. Pete In Plano

    Digital Noise on Zenith HD-SAT520

    I have a Zenith HD-SAT520 and had a great HD picture until I moved. Now I have all kinds of digital noise that you can really see on text on the screen, looks like it is wiggling and fuzzy on the edges. Thought maybee it may be the DLP, but I moved it myself and carried it gentler than I did my...
  2. Pete In Plano

    Mitsubishi DLP- picture fuzzy after moving

    After moving (didn't drop or bounce the TV) my HD looks almost like SD. It is fuzzy and looks out of focus. Is there focus adjustments on DLPs? I am seeing reduced quality on Directv HD and on OAR locals. Could receiver be tweaked somehow? List of gear in my signature. Thanks!!
  3. Pete In Plano

    Directv 101 sat going out

    has anyone else seen this? I have seen it last night at home, the whole 101 sat loses signal, then came back after a while. I noticed it at a business I was just at this afternoon, Fox News was out and their screen said "searching for satellite". I wonder if the new sat at 101 is being...
  4. Pete In Plano

    Mitsubishi WD-62327 DLP

    I HAVE BEEN TO THE MOUNTAIN!!!!!! And I have seen the best picture I have seen in my life!!!!!! True HD, shot on HD camera, is so awesome on this machine. Even the SD looks good. This is the best picture in the WORLD!!!!!
  5. Pete In Plano

    DTVP3DS dish vs. DSA-20MA dish

    Is one better than the other? The prices are about $30 to $40 difference. They look the same!!! Thanks!!!
  6. Pete In Plano

    Hawaii show on NBC HD

    I am in the DFW area and the new show Hawaii last night had a real strange audio problem. I have stereo only and there was no dialouge, only echos and effects. I think they were playing the rear surround channels for Left and Right. Did anyone else hear this???
  7. Pete In Plano

    USA PQ is excellent for SD

    The PQ on USA is pretty darn good. One of the best SD pictures I have seen. And i am looking forward to the season finale of Monk!!!
  8. Pete In Plano

    Who is the Auction channel goddess??!!

    Watching the Eric Clapton Crossroads guitar auction on the Auction channel, they would break in with a shot from the control room and this absolute BABE in front of a wall of monitors. Who is this vision of beauty?? I am still trying to catch my breath!!! :)
  9. Pete In Plano

    Comedy Central PQ is terrible!!!

    Anyone else notice that the PQ on Comedy has gotten really bad??
  10. Pete In Plano

    It is 6/1, do you know where your new HD channels are??

    Anyone found anything new today, besides the Cinema 10 "remix"??