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    DISH to DTV Mounting ?

    I am considering a move. The prospective condo already has a Dish Networks dish installed. Can DTV use the same mount to convert. I am thinking the landlord may not want additional holes drilled in his unit.
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    HD Receiver Upgrade

    A friend of mine has finally enter the world of HD TV. He called DirectV and they told him he would have to pay over $200 for an HD receiver to replace his old one. His plan now is to just switch to Dish because he can get the receiver free from them. Is Direct not offering a free conversion...
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    Sunday Ticket

    When watching the Sunday Ticket on HD, I cannot rewind a game. I have to pause it first and the frame back with the rewind button. Why is this?
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    Volume Control

    What is the best way to maintain consistent volume from channel to channel and during commercials? I am tired of being blasted out.
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    Locals and Nationals

    Why can't Directv and Dishnet lobby to change some of the programming rules? As a consumer, why can't I pay for the national feeds and buy locals from another area? If I am willing to pay for it, why can't I receive it? I am originally from Indianapolis and was promoted to Columbia Missouri...