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    CE's for Sept 28/29

    The following units will be in this weekend CE cycle... All CE's right now are 90% probability: D11 Announcements D11-800: Announcement H20 AnnouncementsH20-600: Announcement H21 AnnouncementsH21-200: Announcement R15 AnnouncementsR15-100: Announcement R15-300: Announcement...
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    LISTEN UP! Contacting CSR Tier, with regards to anything CE related.

    As you know... I don't come over here often... but I am going to have to a little more so. This message is not directed at anyone particular here at Satelliteguys.... so please, don't think I am here blasting you. I posted this same thread (pretty much) over at DBSTalk... And have posted a...
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    New Year's Choice: Which would you choose; HR20 or HR10-250

    I have a friend that has a presentation to do. And we where brainstorming on a topic.... at the same time I was on the forums.. :) So we thought it would be a good question to ask. To "standardize" some things: You are staying with DirecTV for what ever reason, and don't care about...
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    R15 Update: Available via Force

    DirecTV has put the latest versions for the R15 out there. Only available via Forced Update. And shoudl be considered "release candidates"... As until they start to push it out automatically... See the thread over at DBSTalk for more details.
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    Chicago WGN The CW- Now available in MPEG-4 HD

    WGN in Chicago; A Tribune company and a CW Affiliate. Is now available in MPEG-4 HD on DirecTV You may have to "edit" your favorites lists to see the channel, as it is not automatically added to your favorite lists.
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    HR20 Software Release: 0xF6

    Release Notes are available at ----------- Fixes Playback reliability Several stability issues Prioritizer ordering saved before executing a delete request Improvements "Searching for Satellite" On-Screen-Display (OSD) is...
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    HD Channel Order in Detroit... Fixed

    It has been reported multiple times, that the channel order in Detroit was goofy on the H20 and HR20. Aka when you hit channel 5 (or what ever it is)... you would get the SD version, and then you have to channel down to get the HD version. Well, that is fixed now (make take a little while...
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    XBOX360: Texas Hold'em for free Looks like you will be able to save 800 points, and get the game for free later this week.
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    Create your OWN XBOX360 games
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    R15 Software Update: 300 (104B) 500 (10D3)

    The release notes for the newest version have been posted.
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    HR20 - Release in August (LA to be the first) This is the formal response from DirecTV to the Forbes and Swani articles over the last couple days. Plus it is from a DirecTV spokes person (not just a "shill" :D in the forums), that the August 2006 will be the commercial introduction of the...
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    Rumor: XBOX 360 to drop $100 in price
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    The RC32BB - The Big Button Remote

    I just completed a review/look at, the new Big Button Remote from DirecTV
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    Software Update for the H20-600

    There has been a minor update for the H20-600 that start to rollout last night. Here are the release notes: This release doesn't include the interactive features.
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    HR10-250 v6.3 Announcement / Release (It's out now!!)
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    HR10-250 6.3 Software Announcement
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    R15 Software Update: 10C8 and 1044

    The software updates have start to appear on users systems. Here is a link to the release notes:
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    HR20: SATA Connections, both inside and outside

    I have gotten confirmation that the HR20 is going to have both: Internal SATA connection for the Hard Drive External SATA connection for future expanision of storage devices.