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    HR44-700 losing signal but not "searching for signal". HELP!

    Alright guys, this started happening earlier this week. Went to watch TV, and the screen was black. I could watch recorded shows and the menus and everything worked. There was no "searching for signal" message showing on the screen, so I went and did a signal test. The box got really...
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    Is this a scam? Just got a shady email...

    Just got a shady email from what appeared to be DirecTV at first. The email was formatted just like DTV emails, same graphics and everything... But the subject they emailed about smelled fish, so I viewed the details... Here's the text of the email: After looking at the specifics, the...
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    Can someone explain the way DirecTV's dvr recordings worK?

    I'm coming from dish network, where the dvr recording is very simple.... One of my biggest problems thus far with DirecTV is figuring out how the heck the series recordings work on this thing... I have an HR-21 I'm using. I set up a couple series recordings yesterday for some shows on...
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    Just had DirecTV installed....

    ......And I must say I was impressed with the installer. After lurking around the D* forum, and reading the numerous complaints about crappy installs and stuff, I was scared that I'd have a similar experience. My alotted 4 hour block was 8am-12pm. The guy showed up at 9am, and apologized...
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    Installation questions..

    Hi guys, My install is set for July 2nd. I'm having (obviously) the slimline dish installed, along with two HD-DVRs and a single SD-DVR... My question is, how many cables do they need to run to each box? I currently have two dish dual tuner DVRs, and only a single cable runs to each...
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    Do Direct's DVR receivers require telephone line hook up?

    I'm going to call Directv today to sign up, but I thought I'd ask here real quick. I'll be having an SD DVR installed in my son's room, and there's no telephone jack in there. Does Direct require a telephone hook up to the dvr's to waive the $5 fee like DISH does??
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    If I sign up in the next couple weeks..

    .. and ordered HD-DVRs, which model receiver would I get? Does anyone know?
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    Couple questions..

    I'll probably be switching to D* in the next couple of weeks as I'm getting tired of dish's excuses on the lack of adding new HD channels... Anyhoo, I'm looking at picking up two HD DVRs and just a regular ol DVR. Building this "package" on direc's website, total startup costs come out...
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    What can I expect from dish HD?

    Well dish wont lease me two 622's, and none of the other carriers around here are worth a crap, so I guess im just gonna go ahead and get one 622 and dish hd package.. How's the PQ? How do I get national geographic HD?
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    Switching to D* from E*

    Worth doing? I'm wanting to upgrade to HD, but dish wont lease me two HD-DVR's... I bought two HDTVs, and want HD-DVRs in both rooms, not sure one. Dish wants to lease me one and make me buy the other.. F* that noise... Thoughts?
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    Upgrading to HD...

    I just bought two HDTV's... I'm looking to upgrade to HD for both boxes... The wife just called them and they told her it would be $180 in charges.. What's this for? Can I get two HD DVR's?? How much would that cost me??
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    Switching from Dish Network worth it?

    Wife called them, and they want a bunch of money to upgrade us to HD.... Even then, I dont know if they'd even allow us two HD DVR's w/o having to purchase on outright.. What about Time Warner? Will they lease out two HD DVR's and possibly a third non-hd box? How much would that cost me...
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    audio static on 522....

    It's just popped up in the last week or so... I'll be watching a TV show and out of nowhere, the audio get's staticy.. This is on the 522 in the living room... If you turn the reciever off, and then back on, the static disappears for a little while. My wife also said she's noticed static...
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    What's wrong with the box in my bedroom?

    Here lately, the box in my wife and i's bedroom has been going haywire.. Whenever we record a program, and go to watch it, it gets all blocky and the video and audio go haywire and make it pretty much impossible to watch.. And at random intervals, it says "part of this program has been lost...
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    wife's box has some different channels than mine.... wtf?

    maybe someone can tell me what the deal is with this? we have the same exact boxes, dish 522 DVR's... Obviously connected to the same satellite... But her box has cinemax, encore and some other subscription movie channels, while my box doesn't... we're not subscribed to any of those...
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    Fuzzy Fox 4 in dallas/tarrant county, tx area..

    Any ideas why? It's not fuzzy.. But anytime I watch Fox 4 (local) it has these little random white specs ALL over the screen.. It's pretty dang annoying. It's not super duper heavy like a snowy channel, its just little random white specs all over the place... Happens whether it's...