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  1. djjenkins

    S104 just came out - HD Streaming perfect!

    Wow, S104 just came out and it fixed my Sling issues! I just tried out HD streaming on my Mac and it was PERFECT. No pixelation at all. So amazing.
  2. djjenkins

    Volume Leveling Difference?

    So I have the volume leveling feature enabled on my 922, but I don't see any difference from my 622. The commercials are still WAY louder than the main programs. Anyone else experiencing this, or anyone actually hearing a difference?
  3. djjenkins

    Does 922 support bluetooth keyboard? (or will it?)

    Question: Does the 922 have bluetooth built in? We might purchase a bluetooth keyboard in the future and it would be great to use for searching and such, even if it is not supported right now.
  4. djjenkins

    922 Slinging to a Mac?

    Can I get help from anyone that has gotten the 922 to Sling to their Mac? I can't get mine to work in Safari (32-bit mode) or Firefox. It tells me that there is a problem connecting to it, and that I should try later. I have Snow Leopard 10.6, btw. I know my computer doesn't have speed...
  5. djjenkins

    SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone we wait

    Hey everyone, just wanted you all to know that the SlingPlayer mobile for iPhone was submitted to the App Store, now we just wait for Apple to (hopefully) approve it! This is good news for those of us who long to get a 922 when it comes out and have an iPhone!
  6. djjenkins

    Dish CSR just told me the 922 purchase price would be $1000!

    I just got off a internet chat with a E* CSR, and had some random questions. I ended by asking if they knew how much the 922 would be to lease yet. The CSR told me there was no lease price yet, but the full purchase price is estimated to be about $1000! WOW, that was way more than I would...
  7. djjenkins

    Dish Twitter gives good (advanced) info

    If any of you have Twitter, then you can follow Dish Network @dishnetwork. The person/people that run it are actually very helpful. And they give some advanced info too, like today they said Daluth-Superior and Corpus Christi would be lit up with HD locals tomorrow. I don't know anywhere else...
  8. djjenkins

    Oh Tucson, AZ HD locals, where art thou?

    So happy for the folks who got their HD locals today. I am uber jealous. But I am still in awe that Dish has not announced anything for Tucson, AZ HD Locals. We are DMA rank #68, and the highest one now with NO ANNOUNCEMENT AT ALL of when HD locals are coming. On top of that, D* has had...
  9. djjenkins

    Dish N' It Up price decrease? Anyone else? (apply to 922?)

    Hey everyone, I looked on my account under the Dish N' It Up section today, hoping down the road to get a 922 when they come out, and noticed that the prices for upgrading went down significantly. For the Enhanced HD DVR (which I assume the 922 will be) it was $200/installed $150/shipped last...
  10. djjenkins

    Any idea what next local HD channels will be?

    Hey everyone, people have been talking about the next national HD channels. But does anyone have an idea what the next local HD channels will be? I am hoping with the new satellite we will see more western HD locals added, and particularly for me because I am in Tucson, AZ, still waiting for...