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    Help with Coolsat 5k and motorized setup

    More newbie questions. I ran into some trouble getting my motorized setup locking on across the arc, so I wanted to review everything in a logical way to make sure I've got it all set up correctly. I've got a Coolsat 5000 hooked up to a Sadoun Powertech DG280B motor on a perfectly plumb mast...
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    Update on my first true FTA setup (long)

    Ok, today I took down the old Dish Network dish I was using to get 119W and started the setup of my new motorized 90cm dish equipment. Due to lack of yard space, it's going on the roof. I got the mast perfectly vertical (the bubble of the inserted level couldn't have been more centered.) I...
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    New dish coming from Sadoun

    You gurus have been great helping me with FTA! Now I've ordered a dish and a motor from Sadoun and I'm pretty excited. One question about LNBFs. I'm still a little confused about Universal vs. Standard. By getting the Universal will I be prohibited from receiving any of the North American Ku...
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    Question about blind scan on Coolsat 5k

    I'm still only aiming at 119W until I get another dish and I'm playing around with the settings on the coolsat 5000. When I blind scan that satellite the default settings for TP says: 12200 - 12200. When I checked the LyngSat specs for 119W, it says the TP goes from 12224 to 12516. So should I...
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    Coolsat loader run on Vista

    Has anyone been able to run Loader v. 2.4 successfully on Windows Vista? I'm using a laptop with the serial cable adapted to USB and the loader keeps saying "connect your receiver and turn it on" (which I've done several times - doing the connection steps in a variety of orders). I'm using com 3...
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    Advice on choosing OTA antenna

    I'm having trouble narrowing down an antenna. Any help would be appreciated. There are two local towers I want to get. They are 51 degrees apart. The close tower is about 13 miles away and the farther one is 21 miles away. I need to receive both UHF and VHF and the antenna will mount on the...
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    Using Directv or Dish Net dish for FTA

    I did a search on this and saw some posts about using a Dish 500 (?) but nothing that's clear to this newbie. Is it possible to use an oval Directv dish and a round Dish Network dish as extra FTA dishes? I'm assuming I'd have to replace the LNBFs, right? Thanks.
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    AZbox question

    I read that the only difference between the Elite and the Premium model is the wireless networking capabilities that the Premium has. Does anyone know if there are other differences? I'm a fan of fewer cat5's running through the crawlspace so now I'm thinking Premium instead of Elite.
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    Newbie says hi

    Hi. Very interesting and informative site. I'm totally new to FTA and will be setting up a system in about six weeks in the Monterey, CA area. Since I have HD TVs, I'm leaning to the Azbox Elite HD receiver. I also know that I want the dish to be motorized so I can pick up more than one...