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    HR10-250 and SD-DVR40. I'll make no negative comments about Dish, I was with them almost 7 years. Other than they couldn't provide me with a solid, reliable HD DVR, I had absolutely no issues with them. I did not own a DVR-921 but followed its progress very closely from posts on this site...
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    921 or not 921

    boy921, I never did pull the trigger on the 921, kept lurking here watching the posts to see if the issues were being cleared up. Almost a year ago I had my HT all setup for the 921. All the cables pulled etc.... See this thread in the DTV forum, this is probably not the place to post...
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    Yes, but I come here for my satellite news and questions :) From the looks of the membership, we are not the only ones! Lee
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    Just made the switch from E*. 2 receivers (HD Tivo and SD Tivo) and a 3 LNB dish. Everything is working fine. I was already wired for a DVR-921 in my HT and a dual tuner unit upstairs, the install was quick. The installer just changed out the dish and set everything up. Both units...
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    921 or not 921

    Update. Made the switch to DTV. Picked up a HR10-250 (HD Tivo) locally. Got a SD Tivo from DTV. Lee
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    Since 2.69, how many times does your 811 require a reboot?

    Zero, I keep the 811 off when its not in use. I only watch HD for a few hours at a time max. Watch SD on the 501. Lee
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    921 or not 921

    My post, before I deleted it, was to ask how the 921 was doing and that I had a chance to buy one from a dealer. I found a new post about the 921 and the 942. Do I trust Dish to take care of the 921 owners when the 942 is released (when, enter your guess here). No, I'm sorry to say, I don't...
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    921 or not 921

    Deleted. I think we are beating a dead horse. Exploring other options.
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    811 with front projector

    It still is :) Thanks for your input, Lee
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    811 with front projector

    GaryPen, No offense meant or taken :) Do you have experience with new generation HT (HD) projectors in general and specifically on DLP? Is cleaning the color wheels an issue, necessary? Is is a preventive maintenance thing that should be done yearly or so? I've read posts on...
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    811 with front projector

    OoooKaaay, guess I got lucky and got the only good one made :)
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    811 with front projector

    When I watch SD programming the image fills the screen vertically with just the black bars on the sides. I do not have to make any adjustments. As I posted earlier, SD from either my 811 or 501 looks great. I guess I am one of the lucky ones that don't suffer from the dark video problem...
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    811 with front projector

    Toshiba TDP-MT8U (Infocus 7200) with a Da-Lite 119" screen. No issues with my 811 on DVI or component (24' cable run). Depending on the source, HD is excellent to outstanding. SD is very good from the 811 or via s-video from my old 501. I would imagine the s-video and composite sources...
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    Why is TNT / TNT-HD so #$%#@%#ing dark?

    Ok here too. DVI and component. Tosh MT8 calibrated with Avia. Lee
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    811 Outputs DVI vs YPbPr Component

    For my setup, 811 > DLP projector, I have both hooked up also. With the DVI cable I see a picture that looks like the 'sharpness' is turned up. Grainy is not the word I want to use. Looks smoother with the component. I still haven't figured out which I like better. For the SuperBowl I...
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    is it possible to have the 811 remote operate

    I agree, but the strange thing is that the 501 remote will control the 811 functions. But the 811 remote does nothing on the 501 even when they are both on the same UHF freq. Anyway, I have them both on diff UHF freqs. Lee
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    My ramblings on the 811

    Ditto, my 811 has been pretty stable lately.
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    Let's see your setup

    My HT Lee
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    New Software upgrade for 811

    Also, in the setup have 'dowload without my permission' or 'upgrade without my permission'. Don't remember the exact terminology, been a while since I set mine up and I'm not at home to verify it now. Lee
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    is anyone happy with dish 811?

    I'm Happy :) The PQ on SAT HD and OTA HD is wonderful. I've been using DVI or Component and both look great. I have no issues with the SD from the Dish either. The big problem is the Guide and the integration of the SAT and OTA. As we speak I'm sure Dish is working feverishly on the...