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    Multiple HR2x's vs HR34 and whole home DVR

    No, I haven't called yet. I'm not under contract so I'm assuming that I would get a pretty decent deal. I'm just trying to figure out what would be the best option for me.
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    Multiple HR2x's vs HR34 and whole home DVR

    I currently have 3 HD DVR's (1 HR20 & 2 HR21's). I do not have the whole-home DVR's service and I am tired of recording conflicts and recording the same thing in multiple rooms. What would the best solution be? Should I just get the whole-home service with my existing hardware? Should I also...
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    DIRECTV HR34 Home Media Center

    So does the HR34 just count as a regular receiver on my account? Basically if I replace one of my existing HR2x's with an HR34, I shouldn't see any increase for additional receivers/tuners?
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    Sunday Ticket discounts

    I checked my account online and they were charging me for ST To-Go. I called them back up and explained how I was told I would get it for free. They didn't see any comments about that and said they couldn't add it. I told them to remove it and credit my account the $10 I was charged.
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    Sunday Ticket discounts

    I just called in today to get the free HD for 24 months. While we were waiting for the system to update my account with the discount, she asked if I wanted to renew ST, I said I wasn't sure yet and I wanted to think about it. After the free HD discount was applied, she said that she saw I was...
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    Free HD Access for EXISTING customers

    I just called in and was successful on the first try asking for free HD promotion. I was first offered free three months of starz, showtime, and HD extra but I declined each of them as I wouldn't really use them. Finally after that, she said that she saw that I was eligible for the Free HD for...
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    CE Testers Needed! (NFL) Update - now closed

    I applied before and never heard anything.
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    NFL Sunday Ticket

    I just called for the third time trying to get SF for free and this time they offered a $10 credit for 12 months so I took it.
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    NBA League Pass DirectTV

    I found this on their website - Blackout restrictions apply to regional sports networks. To view games of other pro teams (out-of-market) requires the purchase of professional sports packages sold separately.
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    Dead Hard Drive?

    Nope I don't have a backup. I picked up a R15 right now to get me by. I thought I would see how I like that receiver and the decide if I want to get a new hard drive for my tivo.
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    Dead Hard Drive?

    This morning when I turned my TV on, the tivo was frozen and I couldn't do anything. I pulled the plug to reboot it and now it can't get past the "Tivo is powering up" screen. Did the hard drive die?
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    New HR-20 DVR 19.99 From Directv

    I am in your same situation. The $99 swap out deal was the best offer I have received after 5-6 calls so I took it because I was getting tired of calling repeatedly. I asked if I got to keep my owned HR10-250, she put me on hold and then came back and said yes.
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    New software for HR10-250?

    Do you know what is supposed to be in the new software?
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    Enter Here For The Xbox 360

    I want to win
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    $299 HD-DVR w/ $100 rebate

    I tried calling again this morning and was turned down again. I was bummed since it was my second failed try, but then the same CSR that justed turned me down actually called me saying he found the 299-100 deal and offered it to me. He also gave 5 off the hd pack for the next 6 months for the...
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    $299 HD-DVR w/ $100 rebate

    No luck on my first try. 649 - 100 rebate - 100 credit = 449. I guess I'll try again in the morning.
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    Urgent Call To Action!!!

    I sent mine to Senator Herb Kohl.
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    Power for 5x8 switch?

    Right now I have a Terk 5x8 switch hooked up and I currently have it plugged into an electrical outlet using the supplied power adapter. Everything is working fine but I am just curious if this is required and what the power is used for? Thanks
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    Open boxes before install?

    Yes, that is the deal I went with. I had been thinking about signing up for a while and that was a deal I couldn't pass up.
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    Open boxes before install?

    Thanks for all the replies. I am going to leave them sealed until the installer is here to prevent any unnecessary problems.