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  1. GutBomb

    522 issues (yes me too)

    I just spent the week with a friend in colorado who has a 625 and I helped him set up many timers. When i came home i decided i would set up my new 522. here's the problems i am having. click record on a show in the guide (The Simpsons. it's on in reruns twice a day weekdays, and new...
  2. GutBomb

    unknown analog receiver - new to analog

    ok i picked up this bad boy really cheap. the guy didn;t know anything about it other than it was an analog receiver and capable of Ku band. i am planning to slave it off of my pansat, use my pansat for positioning the dish (i got my motor all set up btw and i'm loving it!) The hard part is...
  3. GutBomb

    alright, i'm finally doing it.

    I'm taking the plunge and buying a motor. i now live in a house so i have a place to mount my winegard 30" my question is... does the SG2100 motor come with the serrated u-bolts for pole mounting or do i need to buy those separately?
  4. GutBomb

    Equity Channels moving?

    I just heard a rumor that the Equity owned channels on G10R are moving to G3 C Band in early 2005. Anybody else heard this?
  5. GutBomb

    Mounting Poles

    Ok, I know this isn't exclusively FTA but The guys I trust hang out here so hopefully you'll be able to help me. I've moved to a new apartment and the balcony faces south however there is now an overhang that makes mounting the dish on the standard mounting pole impossible. actually I can...
  6. GutBomb

    Motor... up or down?

    I live in an apartment and have my dish mounted on a balcony. as you can see from the pic below I do not have enough room to mount the dish on a motor with the rotating pole pointing down. my apartment complex will not allow me to place the dish overhanging the balcony so my only option is a...
  7. GutBomb

    "Founded no transponders"

    I've had my Winegard 76cm dish up for quite some time but haven't really moved it around much (until last night) i went out looking for feeds at about 4:45 PM local time, hoping to at least find a few things. So i went outside armed with my signal meter, a compass, a piece of paper listing...
  8. GutBomb

    Setanta Pub Channel on T5 in the clear (sometimes)

    This channel has been in the clear at random times, even during some champions league games. You might want to check it out tomorrow PSB, i believe they have a champion's league match, celtic/barcelona.
  9. GutBomb

    Motorized dish at an apartment?

    I live in an apartment so filling up my balcony with a bunch of dishes pointed at various birds is not an option. plus i have about $400-$500 to spend on a system so a motor is definitely in the cards. here is the system I am looking to set up: motorized 30" dish w/single lnb pansat 2500a...