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  1. badhat

    Openbox's in stock

    For those of you that have ordered an Openbox receiver.... where did you order yours? I have checked with a couple reputable retailers that I have used in the past and neither have them in stock.. :( I have money burning a hole in my pocket and it's getting very uncomfortable! :)
  2. badhat

    Stuck on tv 1

    Oh geez! Ok if I payed attention I would have got it the first time. Thank you all for your patience... I love this place.. Hehe
  3. badhat

    Stuck on tv 1

    Oh I gotcha. Ok pressed mode button and it said tv 2 was on use and doing this would interrupt... I chose yes and then it just goes back to the tv channel and they are still the same... Am I doing something wrong?
  4. badhat

    Stuck on tv 1

    Im not exactly sure what the mode button is.. I have a 5.0 IR remote. I don't see this button.
  5. badhat

    Stuck on tv 1

    I have a dish DVR with Tv 1 in the living room and Tv 2 in the bedroom. Somehow Tv 1 is showing on both tv's?! How do I change it back to where they are seperate again? Thanks in advance for anyones time! :)
  6. badhat

    Kinda off topic - but interesting

    That's not too freaky. You should visit a small cable tv operator sometime..... would really be a blast from the past.
  7. badhat

    Power Rangers

    Actually, I forgot about this forum posting but I found it on ABC Family on 123W. Was Jungle Fury series but now it's something else... I will have to ask my son. Either way he is very happy again! On my local cable ABC Family switches over just before Power Rangers is supposed to come on.
  8. badhat

    Sniffing the ASI output

    The RF inputs are definitely an add-on module. We have those exact receivers in our headend.
  9. badhat

    Connecting dish to existing cable.

    There is a great schematic somewhere here on the forums where someone explained this type of setup.. if I find it I will post the link. The power passing side of the diplexer will allow the voltage from your receiver to reach the LNB at the dish. The non power passing side is what you would...
  10. badhat

    Please! Help Needed

    5 LNB's and History channel was all that I was seeing. Apparently you didn't read my whole post or you just have anger issues.
  11. badhat

    Please! Help Needed

    Not sure why you guys are tip toeing around on this one... but what you are trying to do with your setup has nothing to do with 'Free to Air'... especially when you are looking for paid programming channels such as History. Before you go on you may want to read one of Icebergs posts (...
  12. badhat

    The White House wants your opinion on The DTV Delay ACT Bill

    Why would a station have to get FCC permission to shut down their analog? It's not the FCC that is paying the stations light bill so I don't think they have any say in it. I have heard through the grape vine that area broadcasters in my state plan to kill analog on the original date... it is...
  13. badhat

    FTA noob with Equipment Questions.

    While the cost might tempt you stay far far away from the SG2100 motors. They aren't worth a penny. Spend a little more and get one of the good HH motors that the others have suggested.
  14. badhat

    6' Prodelin

    I have seen similiar setups used in WA state for the lottery system... every retailer here selling lottery tickets has one. I would think one of those would make one heck of a dish for FTA!
  15. badhat

    Snow+ Sat=0Q

    I can't believe nobody mentioned that our elevation is alot less here in the north. I think it helps us greatly when it comes to lack of snow accumulation. We are in for a long cold spell as rv1pop said.... and it's not going to be pretty. We are supposed to be -1f and -4f the next couple of...
  16. badhat


    Doh I never did get to experience that channel for what it was. I spent too long on 97W. Maybe one day they will make it what it was again. :(
  17. badhat


    Quick question probably asked hundreds of times. I just missed it. Ok I am currently tuned into 12114/V/4444 Vid PID 101 Audio PID 8191 PCR PID 101 SID 1. Just thought I would give all the info. :) Anyhow... I have the optical out from my Fortec Mercury II to my Pioneer surround sound...
  18. badhat


    There are two different kinds of cable.... not integrity wise... but there is flooded and non-flooded cable. The non-flooded is the type that you most likely have connecting most of your nifty accessories to your tv set. The flooded type has this sticky goop in it that protect the cable itself...
  19. badhat

    Compression connector question

    Sadoun site says that PPC EX6XL fittings are Universal on 60% to Quad cable.
  20. badhat

    Ready For FTA Install

    This is way off topic.... I noticed Noble, OK....... I have to say that I sure do miss Thunder Valley..... I used to go up there from Lawton to race in the Icicle Nationals. Those were the days!