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    Galaxy 18 help

    Hi everybody! I've learned a lot over the past week about fta. Lots of trial and error. I'm hoping you can help me locate Galaxy 18 at 123W. My system: VS2000 Ultra 33" Digiwave dish Digiwave DGL990D Ku band LNBF Location: Lat. 49.8564 Long. -97.2615 I set my receiver on Antenna setup...
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    DigiWave LNB information

    Hi! I'm a FTA newbie. I purchased a Viewsat VS2000 Ultra, 33inch dish and A DigiWave DGL990D Ku-Band LNBF. Can anyone tell me how to set up for the Galaxy 25? I'm trying to locate this bird but am not sure what LNB type this is, Standard or Universal? The LO on the LNB is 10.75GHz. Should...