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    New 211k from amazon come with smartcard?

    So I'm adding another receiver to another bedroom in the house and just purchased the ViP 211k from amazon. I don't really know too much about smartcards or what they do but does this receiver need one? If so would it come with one since its purchased new or do I still need to get a smartcard...
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    Is it ok to separate dual RG-6 cable

    The Dish tech ran a dual RG-6 quad shield cable from the dish. is it ok to get a razor blade and run it between the 2 cables to separate them so I have 2 RG-6 cables? I'm assuming its safe to do as its just cutting rubber in between the 2 cables but just wanted to make sure before I do it.
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    Adding 2nd receiver and need a little help

    Somewhat new to satellite but have been reading up on it a bunch. I have the general idea of how splitters, separators, and diplexers work. I'm trying to add a 2nd receiver to one of my upstairs bedrooms. Currently we have a ViP 722k Dual Tuner DVR in our family room. The output is feeding 3 of...