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    Beware of your NFL Sunday Ticket billing

    Make sure you check your billing statement if you subscribe to the NFL ST. I just noticed on my statement it says they are billing me for 6 payments of $49.99 each for the ST. That adds up to $299.94 for the total package cost, which was SUPPOSED to be just $199.99 this year. I sent DTV an email...
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    How can I find out which HD OTA channels are available in my area?

    That area is Dayton, OH.
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    HR20 or HR23?

    I know the 20 is OTA capable whereas the 23 is not, but does the 23 have any superior capabilities over the 20 such as better features, better picture quality, etc. If it did I could always purchase an AM21 to do handle the OTA thing. There are still some 20s available for purchase at various...
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    What is a "tag" and why can't I post?

    Every time I try to start a new topic I get an error message that says I've used one too many tags in my post, then I have to keep messing around with the wording deleting and rewording until I get rid of whatever it is the system has flagged as a tag. Problem is, I don't know what a tag is...
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    Is buying the HD-DVR receiver from D*V the best deal going?

    Or could I possibly get a better receiver at possibly a lower price ($199) by purchasing one somewhere else?
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    Question about universal remotes

    I need to pick up a new universal remote and this time I want a good one. I'm done with the cheapy All-For-Ones and other garbage remotes like it. I've been hearing nothing but good things about the Logitech Harmonys (as I should, they're expensive), but will they work with DTV's HD receiver/DVR?
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    Do any of you subscribe to the NFL Ticket?

    I've been an NFL Ticket subscriber every year since 2002. This year was the last year I'm getting it because I believe its cost has gotten so high that it exceeds it's value. The first year I got the Ticket it's cost for the season was $159. Now the price is up to $250. A $90 price hike over the...
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    Thinking about upgrading to HD

    I'm thinking about upgrading my service/equipment to HD. The receiver I'm looking at is the one with the built-in HD DVR. I noticed DTV has a $4.99 monthly lease fee. If I'm replacing an existing receiver with an HD receiver, is the $4.99 fee already covered by the lease fee I'm currently paying...