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    No Signal on FTA Coship 3188A plz help

    ok guys , i have a coship 3188A FTA receiver , got 36" dish , LnbF is DGL-780 (RF:11.70/12.20GHz) IF:950/1450 LO: 10.750 Gain"55dB Tried to set it up but i couldn't get any signal , if anybody can help me with setup or programming or anything like what is the LO & HI Freq should be , i'm...
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    Need Help ASAP plz plz plz

    I have a Coship CDVB8133A receiver , i live in Irving Texas 75063 , i'm not sure what dish i need ,or how big is it and what kind of Lnb ,also interesting in watching 2m morocco , Al Maghribia. somebody said i can find them on galaxy 25 or 19 , also they said Telstar 5. plz any help is...