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    Flint - Saginaw - Bay City DMA, WBSF 46.3 "Grit" channel?

    I can verify that these channels are now 1080i with Dolby Digital audio on DIRECTV. The difference is night and day. This is a 100% improvement over the 720p bit starved mess that they were before.
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    AM21 + Genie Stutter on Video

    Pause the video for 1 or 2 seconds and play again. The stutter will go away
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    DirecTV Tees Up Live 4K Will Offer Live UHD Broadcast From ‘Amen Corner’ at 2016 Masters Tourney

    I don't think that this is the case. I have had 4k since Jan. of 14, and I called in for a HR54, and they want $299 for it.
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    Is anyone having problems with ESPN on their receiver?

    I had all zeros on 99ca about 5 minutes ago
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    NFL 2015-16 Season

    I remember listening to the Lions on WJR when I was growing up. I think the announcer was Bob Reynolds.
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    DIRECTV Rumor Alert

    Great news! Still no word on the WatchESPN?
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    Free E* for a Year from Local Phone Co.

    Got a call yesterday from TDS Telecom, my local phone company in Mid-Michigan. I already have DSL and Phone from them, and they were offering 1 free year of DishNetwork service! I am a happy D* sub, but this offer was tempting. I'm sure that this wasn't for HD service or for DVRs but it is an...
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    LA HD locals - 3 LNB?

    Actually I think that the LA DNS feeds are still on the 119 or 110, but in MPEG4. They are also duplicated on D11. I don't know how much longer they will be on the legacy sats, maybe a couple more months.
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    CE Testers Needed! (NFL) Update - now closed

    I applied last week and haven't been contacted.
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    Congrats Jason Crandall (Masterdeals)

    This is very exiting. I normally hang out at that "other" site but since a good guy from my neck of the woods has made it big over here, I will be a "satellite guy". Bring on the CEs!!
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    Please Post Your Equipment Setups

    Jason, Dish Type (Slimline/AT9/3 lnb/etc): Slimline Switch Type (WB68/SWM-8/etc): WB616 Receivers (Model & Mfg for all you use): 2x HR20-700,1 HR21-700, 1 R15-500, and 1 D11 Internet Connectivity (Cable/DSL): DSL Internet Speed (Up & Down, i.e. 512k up/3mb down): 512k up / 3MB down...
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    CBC on DirecTV

    I see CBC as more likely as a local-into-local offering. For example, CBET is included by AC Neilson as in the Detroit DMA. All local cable systems carry CBC. Even the podunk cable system where I live 80 miles away carries CBC. Why can't Dish or Direct provide legitamate LiL service including...
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    LASIK to be able to do

    I had it done in 2000. I think the cost was 3,900 at the time. It has worked out well for me and my eyes were extremely bad. -9.0 and -9.75............It is not a guarantee, bad outcomes can result. There used to be a webisite called LaserMyEye :: Encyclopedia :: Surgical Eyes Foundation I...
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    What we are hearing...

    D* has come to an agreement to carry PBS-HD LiL. DirecTV - Investor Relations - News Release
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    ATSC frequencies

    While this statement is true, it has been proven that channels 2-6 are not well suited for ATSC transmission as they are too prone to interference. There are some that suggest that post-transition we could be dealing with a spectrum of 7-51.
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    NFL HD vs. TNT Basketball

    Actually TNT looked especially bad last night. It wasn't just the MPEG2 artifacts. There was some major problems with TNT-HD. It actually looked better in SD.
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    Can I get other locals that do feature HD? like the ABCe or NBCe ect..

    Wilson, Where exactly do you live. Almost all Mid-Michigan affiliates broadcast in HD (except CW and MY). They aren't carried by satellite yet, but can be received OTA.
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    ScoBuck, Scott: Any Word on More HD Additions Tomorrow

    Scobuck - Any word from your contact on the launch of new HD-LiL cities?
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    MSG-HD is listed in the online guide at
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    What we are hearing...

    I just noticed that MSG-HD is listed in the online guide at