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    Reuse-DBS Stacked LNBF for 129? Proper Feehorn?

    I have a bit of a project that his been on the back burner for awhile and I want to accomplish it before the snow starts to fall, I wanted to take a DBS Stacked LNB use it with a DPP44 and then add it to a 30" Satellite Dish, so I can pick up 129 a little better then my Dish 1000+ can, What I am...
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    Are you haveing issue with HDCP on TV1 and TV2 when TV1 is off?

    Just wanted to start a new thread on just this one issue, The issue is when TV1 is off or your TV set is not compliant with HDCP does it affect your TV2 output saying that you need HDCP ? I have been reading other threads about the issue and am I getting mixed findings so I would like first hand...
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    HDCP error - Panasonic TV has HDCP!!!!!

    I have a dish network 722 pointed at the western arc and have a panasonic TC-32LX70, I confirmed on Panasonics website that it has HDCP but my 722 will not accept it's HDCP and it's starting to frustrate me, tried 4 different cables and nothing, what's pissing me off more is that TV2 which as...
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    Looking for: Panasonic TU-IRD20

    Forgive me if I am posting in the wrong spot, (feel free to move if need be) I am on the hunt for an old direct tv receiver don't know if anyone has any panasonic models but my grandmother doesn't want to change her panasonic receiver but wants another one in her bedroom, If you have one could...
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    Missing SD channels in western arc??

    I got home tonight to a 722 with only HD channels showing for, for example let's say I tune too 200 it goes to CNN HD but if I scroll under one channel it isn't there like it used to be, I have tried rebooting, check switch and selecting all channels from the guide? Any ideas guys? Maybe it...
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    Dish 500+ with HUGHESNET Dish (what do you think?) was I crazy?

    Hey just wanted to post some pictures of a modified hughesnet dish that I modified to fit a DPP500+ LNBF, works great and is nice and strudy, only modification was to drill one extra hold to accommodate the LNBF but one of the holes already lines up, (should have taken pictures before the work...
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    Is the Superdish the same size as the 1000.4 dish?

    Just a quick question is the Super dish larger then the 1000.4 dish? I don't have a 1000.4 dish and was wondering if they where the same size for western arc ?
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    Newer Style DPP500+ LNB (Which port is for what sat?)

    Quick question as I just got shipped a new LNB for my dish so that my switch is not sitting outside but it didn't come with a manual and searching online didn't yield very much info, so there are 4 ports, of course I know that the 4th one is for LNB its clearly marked, but what is the order of...
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    Idea for new type of Dish Network receiver

    I am not sure if anyone has pitched this idea but here goes, Why not make a receiver that is HD but has multiple outs in OTA format, so the idea is the receiver has 4 tuners inside and outputs to 4 tvs via this one box, now the problem how do we send an HD signal to the TV's ? Well of course we...
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    Looking for 24 inch/60 cm D-Shaped LNB dish and or tube where to purchase ?

    Does anyone know where to purchase a D-Shaped LNB 24inch/60cm dish ? im having a hard time accruing one, I know winegard made them but i can't seem to find them for sale anymore, any links (hopefully links are allowed if not pm me) would be greatly appreciated !
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    Dish Pro Plus - LNB input (maximum length of cable?)

    On the newer style of DPP LNB's it has a LNB Input from another dish pro lnb, the question that I have is what is the maximum length of cable that can span the LNB input side and the dish pro LNB mounted on the other dish ? Thanks in advance!
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    If I have an Eastern Arc do I need 118 for internationals ? (i.e maybe in the future)

    I can't confirm where I read or heard about this but I am certain someone here can clear this up, If I converted to a Eastern Arc and had HD and International Channels would that mean a separate 118 dish would be needed(now or in the future) or is dish keeping there international channels on...
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    Do you really need the Super-dish Repoint Kit?

    Hey guys, I have been pondering if I should purchase the super-dish repoint kit for 121 super-dish, the question that I have though is, if I bought the normal Dish 500+ LNB and then drilled out the holes larger for the original Dish 500+ LNB would that work as it would be the cheapest option as...