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    Shutdown? Just got deducted Next Month...

    WTF? mindstein, are you talking to yourself or something? Why are people opening up old threads with new comments?
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    Voom on Dish isn't Voom

    I just don't like Dish. It's too cheezy.
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    What was the last thing you watched?

    I watched Driftwood on World Cinema then fliped around for the final 20 minutes until the "no signal" message came on :(
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    Are voom and dishnetwork dishes aimed in the same direction?

    TVlman, I believe that was eventually a simulcast on 148. The 148 slot is below the horizon for much of the Eastern time zone.
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    Unplug your Voom STB before May 1, 2005 at 3AM

    I figure since it is at 3am I may as well just disconnect the dish before I go to bed. I don't think I'll be in the mood to stay up and watch it go away. I'll just read about it the next morning and reconect the dish if it is reported that the 10 channels going on E* are still transmitting.
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    Final Voom Billing??

    I swear Vicki has a schedule like mine. I basically retired at 25 :cool: My day at "work" is walking downstairs at 9:00am, download station programming, give instructions, walk back upstairs at 9:30am, play computer games, 11:45am walk back down stairs program the radio station and check on...
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    Post your wish list for surviving VOOM originals (max 10)

    Monsters HD HD News Cinema One (one cinema channel with all the Cinema 10 movies they showed during the life of VOOM would be enough for one channel for several years) I would be happy with those 3 Here's an idea for Cinema One Saturdays & Sundays--Flipper, Thunderbirds (two episodes...
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    How many of you left Voom for other providers?

    I'm waiting for the lights to go out before purchasing new equipment and sign up for a provider, although I have made up my mind as to what provider will get my business I still have only VOOM.
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    Voom Message Board Traffic Fading Fast

    The problem is we are all members of Satellite Guys and there is no way to know who all that posts on the VOOM forum are indeed VOOM subscribers. However, I am willing to maintain a list, and place it where no one can get it over at The list would only be used to alert...
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    Voom Message Board Traffic Fading Fast

    What do you mean? There are as many people on right now (264 to be exact) as there usually is when nothing major was going on. I noticed that at times of major events there would be an average of 450 viewers at a given time. There just isn't much to talk about at the moment. Just wait...
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    This needs to be said of V21 Again and again and ....

    More like the first 10 years was commercial free. AMC began airing commercials 3 years ago. AMC had no problem making money when they were commercial free as they charged 25 cents per subscriber per month for every system they were on. Before they went commercial they had 75 million households...
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    This needs to be said of V21 Again and again and ....

    Sean, that was the same thing I was trying to convey. Indy said he would sub to the channels even if they were in SD. If these channels were provided in SD the content isn't compelling enough to subscribe by most people. It is being in HD that makes those channels. I do agree that the channels...
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    This needs to be said of V21 Again and again and ....

    Granted that the VOOM 21 look great on an analog set I wouldn't subscribe to them if they originated in SD. Yes, some of the content is "original" but much of it can be found elsewhere and the only thing making them unique was being in HD. Equator is so similar to PBS, Discovery, NGC that it...
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    Anyone recording for posterity? In hidef?

    GOOD GOD!!!! This thing is 688MB and will take 36 hours to download!!!! I think I'll only take a couple minutes of the video:)
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    Exclusives Should Have HAd Commercials

    They did have an occasional "commercial" on the movie channels. Every once in a while there was a movie trailor for new movies that would be comming out in the next couple months. I doubt Rainbow aired those for free. On some of the SD channels it was obivious they were inserting ads, mostly...
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    Poll: Which VOOM channels would you like to keep?

    My choices were HDNews and Monsters. It is kind of hard to pick the Cinema 10 channels since they get about equal viewing here and the movies typically move from channel to channel. So if there was a couple movies I liked on Film Fest, a few weeks later they would be on another such as GuyTV or...
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    How many out there.......

    I've made plans, but I'm not buying any equipment until the signal goes dark.
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    Express Vu/Star Choice Satellite

    It has always been that way even during and before the old C-Band days. Both of these channels started out as a regional pay channel (much like how HBO started) and they both wanted to maintain their regional exclusivity. I have heard that national rates for the US Hollywood movies are too...
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    So who is going to offer the best deal for Ex Voom customers

    Shane, I agree. The thing with VOOM subs is that we have a lot more disposable cash than the typical E* or D* sub. Some of us have more disposable cash than others, but as a whole we have a lot of cash to spend on high quality services. BTW my avitar is now composed of VOOM 21 channels :D
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    Express your history with Voom with emoticons....

    One for each month with VOOM