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    [VOOM] Sad day. Any suggestions for alternatives?

    Get Express Vu from Canada. They have about 18 HD channels and the package also includes your local Seattle stations (ABC,NBC,CBS,FOX,PBS) in HD AND Boston locals in HD for time shifting.
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    [VOOM] Voom Clock

    It would be nice to have since I have trouble seeing the hand clocks in my home and this display would be big enough, but VOOM needs to get the clock on the EPG accurate first. Rarely is it ever on time. I've seen it as far as 10 minutes behind only to jump a couple minutes ahead a minute later...
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    [VOOM] Facts and Speculation

    Let's correct further. VOOM does not yet use any of it's leased capacity on AMC-6 either.
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    Channel Mapping looks correct (sorta)

    When the channels 0-4, 0-8, 0-10 show up it means the local map info hasn't shown up yet. After a hard reboot you will have to wait until the data streem gets to your unit info this can now take several hours as new subs come online every day adding to the streem.
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    [WILT] WM9/MPEG4 and upgrade idea...

    There are some occasional feeds and a couple FTA channels on AMC-6 so a dish can already be aimed there using standard MPEG-2 equipment.
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    [VOOM] VOOM - Good news!

    Both slots are below the horizon in the East. They are great locations for the West Coast, Hawaii, and Alaska. All western slots are required to serve both Alaska and Hawaii.
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    [VOOM] WB (Warner Brothers)

    Sorry about posting again, but WB's Angel and Charmed are both on Bravo-HD if those are the programs you fear you will miss.
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    [VOOM] WB (Warner Brothers)

    Thomas, there are no contracts to sign. WB is a broadcast television network. Which means you receive it from your local affiliate. Some cable companies carry a version of WB in areas that don't have an affiliate, but there is no national WB cable channel that can be carried by VOOM. This is the...
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    [VOOM] WB (Warner Brothers)

    The WB is a broadcast network. VOOM does not carry broadcast stations, but if you have a WB affiliate in your area transmitting in digital you may be able to receive it through the VOOM receiver and OTA Antenna.
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    No "info" after reboot

    There is a PG problem. It occured yesterday and if you reboot you are stuck with "no info" until VOOM fixes it or they release the new software. You are not alone thousands now have "no info." Just sit tight and wait. Don't reboot unless absolutely necessary.
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    [VOOM] Phone connection

    rkr0923, mine has the same thing. I think the STBs came though a time warp or something as the STBs, software, VOOM service, and telephone numbers didn't exist 24 years ago. Mabye that's why the call outs fail, the STBs are trying to call out to an event 24 years in the past.
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    [VOOM] Speaking of fireworks in HD!

    Last night MOOV-HD had fireworks on for 10 minutes from 10:50-11:00pm EDT. Did anyone see them? I wished they would have showed them more than once as I missed it :(
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    [VOOM] Re: Closed Caption

    Paragraphs (f) and (g) states the sensitivity of an analog tuner and that the tuner is supposed to be just as sensitive on UHF as it is on VHF. Of course analog tuner specs wouldn't apply to digital tuners :) My bedroom TV does not have a tuner of any kind. My living room TV has an analog...
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    [VOOM] Re: Closed Caption

    Joseph, PM or E-mail and I'll send you my rough draft and how to send to the FCC. It's not like I am new at FCC filings. I filed a petition against NY-DOT and some of their applications for new stations were dropped. I filed in a case against Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls which is still in...
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    [VOOM] Re: Closed Caption

    The OTA 8VSB unit by itself isn't capable of adequately receiving all channels. It must be connected to the STB. And when connected it still is not capable of adequately receiving all channels if you can't tune to a channel that is receivable. No, but if one were to complain you'd better...
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    [VOOM] Re: Closed Caption

    TITLE 47--TELECOMMUNICATION CHAPTER I--FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION PART 15--RADIO FREQUENCY DEVICES--Table of Contents Subpart B--Unintentional Radiators Sec. 15.117 TV broadcast receivers. (a) All TV broadcast receivers shipped in...
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    [VOOM] Re: Closed Caption

    Actually it isn't read the rule for yourself. Thank's Sean I'll check and post in the other thread
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    [VOOM] Re: Closed Caption

    Just give us the push and fix the stuff later. The inability of the STB to tune to ALL TV Frequencies is an FCC violation of Title 47 Sec.15.117 of the FCC rules regarding TV Broadcast Receiver and never should have been released as it is. The only reason I haven't filed my complaint with...
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    Wilt-Updated Software and other questions

    Same here, turned off every night. I've even been turning it off during daytime hours too incase something hapens. It's rather obvious it hasn't been delivered or people would be screaming "I have it!" Just add it to the upload stream already. I'll turn the STB off now if it was in the...
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    What does the test modes do?

    You would have to adjust your TV. It's nice they added the test patterns, but would have been even nicer if it was like a THX DVD that walks you through the adjustments so that you know what you are supposed to be looking for. When I can find the time I'll try to create something that will...