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    Direct TV north of Toronto

    At 46 degrees lattitude, North Bay will be fine for Directv signal reception for both SD and HD channels. Use either the AU9 slimline dish or the older AT9 sidecar dish and you will be fine. I have done some research and found anything 51 degrees (Calgary) south is fine for these dishes. As...
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    Bell in Arizona with a 1000.2 dishnet dish

    Sounds easy enough for the DVR. Is it just a second line from the dish to the bedroom for the 2nd (HD) box?. Also can an OTA attenae be added to this setup and what would the wiring look like?
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    Bell in Arizona with a 1000.2 dishnet dish

    I'm trying to help out my snowbird uncle who currently has the mentioned dish on his condo. He realizes he can't get the 82 HD sat with bell that far south but he still wants to take his 2 boxes (a dual tuner hdpvr and a single HD box) to receive the programming from sat 91. The current lnb...
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    DSR505 video blinks

    This happens with my 505 also and in particular when I switch video sources between my computer to my 505 on my monitor. If you pull down the little door on the right of the 505 and then just touch the button, it seems to reset the video to the proper setting and it stops blinking.
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    How to get ready for Starchoice HD w/ 505

    You will need a DVI to HDMI cable as the 505 is not HDMI capable. That is if you are not hooking them up through component cables. I may be wrong but I was under the impression that the 505A was a refurb.
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    SC Settings California

    AZ 163.92 EL 49 Skew 81.3 or plug your co-ordinates here Satellite Look-Angle Calculator
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    Newbie questions....

    You don't need to order directv service in order to test the directv signal at 101.
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    Crossing the border with newly purchased equipment

    Currently it is the driver's license that is required by when signing up with bell
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    Crossing the border with newly purchased equipment

    The 60e dish is the smaller of the two StarChoice dishes, same shape and about 6-8 inches smaller than the directv slimline. The 75e dish is a little larger than the slimline and I would reccomend it for Atlanta and points south. As Iceberg says a 30" round will work for F1 if you are just...
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    What direction should I point my dish to expressvu satellite from Portland Oregon?

    Do a google for the lattitude and longitude for Portland. Sounds as though you are using an eliptical dish so you would use calculator 2. Then plug those numbers into here Install your System Locating Satellites Antenna Look Angles @ good luck
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    StarChoice antenna

    If you are only interested in the English channels and music, they are on the main FI satellite at 107.3 Go with a 30" (76cm) round dish or an old Primstar dish if they are still kicking around down there. According to the footprint, Texas falls within this area...
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    looking for instalation information

    Robert, For the Starchoice eliptical dish....... Beckley, West Virginia is at 37.78 N lattitude, 81.18 longitude. Putting those numbers into the Kusat installation site for look angles gives you: Elevation = 36.99 Azimuth = 226 (adding about 6 degrees for true magnetic north) Slow...
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    Canadian relocating to California

    Good luck, let us know how you make out.
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    Canadian relocating to California

    Shouldn't be too hard to set up your *C system in California. The highly technical tool you'll need is called a compass!. I've done the homework for you. For San Jose, California: Eliptical dish: Azimuth or compass heading 143 degrees (corrected for deviation) Elevation 44.42 Skew 78.4...
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    Starchoice HD DSR505 Now $149.00

    It is now on sale at Future Shop here for $129 without having to do the PPv credit or programming credit thing. Also don't have to be a new customer. On until Sept 29 according to their website. Limit of 2 per customer. I'm still going to wait for the 530 to come down from the $699 price
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    starchoice calculation question

    Stephen If you are interested in programming from the main sat F1 at 107.3 only, you may want to go with a 30" round dish as one may be easier to get a hold of. Second sat at 111 has french, ethnic and HD. I was also told that the old primestar dish will work for Starchoice and I see one...
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    Star Choice in Florida.

    MRichor, If you were only interested in the main satellite F1 @ 107.3, I would have just set up a 30" round which would have given you a signal of about 90 and been a lot easier to aim - just stand behind it ala Directv and Dish. I have also suggested to other US folks to try and find an old...