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    No locals

    Called dish sat. morning they said I could get local channels but would need a side dish. Tec cam out sun. morning took out my 1000.4 dish put in a500 pro dish for sat110and119. plus a pro dish for 61.5. Now Ive got locals but not all my hd channels because some hd channels were on 72.7 on the...
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    No locals

    I live in Augusta co. Virginia my zip is 22980 .Iwould like to know why I cant get locals.
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    New Dish Network HD Essential Pack Info

    I have the Dish Network HD package at 9.99 per month with the Digital Home Advantage Americas Everything Pack. What Package will I get on Feb 1.2008
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    Some transponders no signal

    Iam loosing channels on my 301 only , the 411 and 625 no problems
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    Some transponders no signal

    I am having a problem with sat 119 transponders 6-9 having no signal on my 301 reciever.I have a 411 and 625 on a dish 500 with no problems just the 301. The 301 is connected to my media center computer.Has anyone had this problem need help. Thanks
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    Local Channels

    It looks to me that it is a zip code thing that says who will get locals or not. The guy down the road 200yards lives in another zip code but he can get locals and I cant, yet we shop at the same stores etc.I drive by his house to get too mine, I had my dish longer I dont understand this bs.
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    I live in a area where there is no market for local channels.the nearest local cannels are 30 miles away. If I put my zip code in to look for locals in my area [ no locals in this area ] but I can put a zip code in that is a mile down the road and I can get local channels. my son lives in this...
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    Court tv?

    I get calls from directv about once a week to switch over and now my favorite channel [court tv] is gone I think its time to switch.