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  1. duckydan

    Backing up Bluray to MKV with TrueHD/DTSHD audio

    That speed was about what I had on a PC with a blu-ray drive using freeware... it can fluctuate heavily though depending on how the disc was encoded (I would do some rips that would take 15 - 30 minutes and others that would take 3+ hours)
  2. duckydan

    Who Rents 3D Movies?

    the site used a lot on is 3D Blu-ray Rental Movies for Rent You can also use Vudu for 1080p 3D streaming for rental but not exactly the same thing. Based on some of the prices that the is showing you can probably keep an eye on prices and get a good deal on...
  3. duckydan

    Now let's get truthful about AVATAR.

    I saw it twice in IMAX and once in 2D... I cannot see 3D so it's not even an issue for me but I've already picked up my copy. It is well worth $20 and I'm sure that when the reviews come out it will be the standard for what BD should look and sound like
  4. duckydan

    Matsushita, VHS built-in 3 in 1 Blu-ray recorders

    I just have to ask... why? VHS -> BD can in no way look good... unless it's like a MINI DV inside a VHS converter to BD.
  5. duckydan

    Upgrade to Blu Ray or just a Standard DVD?

    From the two you are looking at I'd go with the BD-50. I own the BD-30 and wouldn't trade it for anything until it dies (although it is a 1.1 player I have no need for those features) and I can't imagine the 50 is a step back as it has more features. Plus the thing that I always question when...
  6. duckydan

    Upgrade to Blu Ray or just a Standard DVD?

    I may be wrong (and if I am I am sure someone here will correct me :) ) but if you have one of the Onkyo receivers (605, 705, 805, etc) that do the DTS MA audio then they can accept HDMI in and component out and may still handle the upconversion. Ex: BD 30/50 ---HDMI ---- > Onkyo 605 ---...
  7. duckydan

    Dark Knight = Blu ray uber sales anyone?

    The netflix arrangement is for "near dvd quality" meaning non-high definition. While I don't think the DK will mean "uber" blu-ray sales I do think it will help them.
  8. duckydan

    Stand Alone Blue-Ray or Playstation3

    I would disagree with the equal picture quality as allargon said was debatable. My short lived experienec with the PS3 (about 2-3 weeks) was that the ps3 wasn't as nice looking as my Sony BDP-S300 and definately not as good as my current player the Panny BD-30. Also depending how you feel...
  9. duckydan

    Your Blu Ray Collection!

    I have a Panasonic BD30 and over 120 movies... (I think I may need to update my sig as I sold a bunch of films I'll never watch again)
  10. duckydan

    Good Concert BD's?

    Shocked it wasn't mentioned but the Elton John was the best I've seen on BD. Also Shakira if you just want to see her shake her ass in HD.
  11. duckydan

    Singulus says Blu-ray take-up faster than DVD

    I got my first DVD player (Oritron) about the same as HD-DVD within the first few months of inception... BD came later (about a month or two prior to spider-man's release) but still within the first year.
  12. duckydan

    BD good at 720p/1080i?

    I had a 720/1080i tv prior to my recent purchase and the BD was leaps and bounds better than broadcast / sd dvd. My brother who just bought my old tv saw the difference and has since purchased a BD30.
  13. duckydan

    National Treasure 2 Issues

    I watched it on a BD30 with no problems. Perhaps a bad disc?
  14. duckydan

    Disney: Blu-ray Needs Lower Player Prices

    Seeing as Disney is the best example as to how companies can turn profit (this year exceeded expectations and yielded a huge profit for home entertainment and media) I hope that the other companies listen to them.
  15. duckydan

    Poll: How many hi def discs do you own(HDDVD and BD)

    I'm around 150 bds... that said i've traded away about 100 - 150 as well that i've watched once and disliked.
  16. duckydan

    BD Live is a Joke!!

    Personally aside from the typical deleted scenes/bloopers I couldn't care about PiP or BD Live. Same I'm sure goes for J6P who has just now figured out how to use a DVR and stop using VHS. The few people who care about BD-Live are the same who looked to HD online as being a great idea... in...
  17. duckydan

    Panasonic BD30K $399

    There is also currently a coupon circulating for Best Buy that is good next week for 20% off any blu-ray player... would also make it $399 if you have a RZ card.
  18. duckydan

    Well, bought the BD30 today

    I purchased this player yesterday to avoid any more problems with my BD-P1400 (posted yesterday) and watched Casino Royale and my daughter watched Underdog. The audio was great on both (though the 5.1DD on Royale showed up on my receiver as PLII so I had to use the LPCM track even though it is...
  19. duckydan

    Samsung BD-P1400 Handshake Problem

    I lose audio via HDMI but not optical. Like I said this is two cables so I'm greatly disappointed especially since I was amazed at how easy it was to get the 1400 upgraded (firmware) and the improvement in picture and audio over my S300. Oh well time to get the panny I did't wanna spend for...
  20. duckydan

    Samsung BD-P1400 Handshake Problem

    I read the entire thread there... one person had the same problem but then said he returned it for the BD-30K which is what i may end up doing if it happens again. I have it hooked up to tv now as I played ice age for my daughter... it happened again direct to tv with audio through optical.