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    voom receiver reboots when tuned to pbs-hd

    I know this is old, but I haven't been here for a long time. I have the same problem with WQED-Pittsburgh. It would be ok if they multicasted their analog and I would just block out PBS HD, but PBS HD is all WQED transmits!!! The SOBs got an FCC exemption and don't have to duplicate what is on...
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    cant receive pbs, channel 9

    mdovell, I get the rebooting problem on our PBS station too. They only air the PBS HDTV Channel so I think it is something in the data stream comming from that feed to all stations getting it. The problem here is that the PBS channel causing the reboot is the main one. Any others I receive come...
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    Reset Voom STB

    There are different ways to reset the receiver. Unplug it for a few minutes or press and hold the power button till the flashing orange dot on the receiver stops. Either of those resets will not disrupt your OTA access. There is a factory reset in the hidden menus. I will not tell you how to...
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    Can This Be Done?

    What kind of multiswitch is it? If it is a multiswitch for satellite it won't do what you want it to do. What you want is a splitter/combiner which you can get a Radio Shack for a few bucks. I would advise against combining cable and OTA into a single coax. Both cable and OTA use the same...
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    Stupid question: Are dishes\LNA's standard?

    It will work on all DBS locations EXCEPT DirecTV on 110. D* uses a special LNB for it's 3 TPs at 110 which converts the frequencies to 3 other TPs. It converts TPs 28, 30, 32 on 110 to TPs 8, 10, 12 so that D* receiver "thinks" it is receiving those TPs from 119.
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    Parental Locks Help Needed

    Yep, that was the first thing I did was to remove the PIN. Thanks.
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    Parental Locks Help Needed

    Thanks I called and it took a couple tries, but we got working. I'm just glad it happend befor the shutdown.
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    Will the Voom Forum Be Taken Off?

    Look!!! It's over on Atlantic Sat at 2 degrees west. Oh wait it's now gone. Hey, I've spotted it again over the Indian Ocean on Imarsat :D
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    Parental Locks Help Needed

    I could slap myself. I don't know what I pushed, but my Parental Controls are locked and I can't get into the menus. Yesterday when I turned my receiver on the locks were on (even though I didn't turn the locks on) so I put in my four digit code 0000 (real original huh?) and the locks went away...
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    Authorization Status: MW

    The authorization status is channel dependent. If you go to a non-OTA channel SWO will usually show up as the status, sometimes it takes a few minutes to show up. The M codes usually show up for OTA channels. Hope that was some help.
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    Question about OTA tuner

    But wasn't it fun trying? The signal meter does show a level for analog. I'm not sure why it does that. Usually it will show the analog below 82. When the scanning feature first came out there were many people trying to figure out why they couldn't get stations to come in only to find out the...
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    Question about OTA tuner

    As far as I know no cable provider uses 8VSB. However, some cable providers have passed through signals that just happen to be received from their antennas. These stations aren't processed or carried by the cable system. This is how some have been able to receive stations by connecting their...
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    How to tune to sub channels directly?

    I had mine before VOOM came out and used it until my VOOM channel map was corrected. Now I use it in the bedroom with a Dell monitor and speakers. I think sub-channels are useful, it depends on what your station wants to do. One of our stations has a weather radar. Radar doesn't use much...
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    How to tune to sub channels directly?

    I have a Zenith HDV-420 STB one of the most advanced HD receivers available and can tune in the sub-channels by entering the channel number. Gee, whadda you know I push 132 and it goes to 13.2, I can even punch in sub channels that don't exist like 13.85 :p
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    VOOM box Serial Numbers and Manufacture Date

    There is no difference between new receivers and old ones. There is only 1 receiver model and that is the one everyone has. It doesn't matter what the preloaded software version is as you will get the newest one either at install or that night. With a 39% churn rate in the beginning I...
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    Voom LNB different from others?

    D* & E* dishes and LNBs will work. On the E* dish use an 18" one satellite model not a Dish 500 or Super Dish
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    OTA Channels Not Maintaining their “Hidden” Setting

    I've had that before. I just kept thinking someone else kept putting the channels back in and I kept taking them out. I only turn off my receiver using the remote.
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    OTA after Voom shutdown ?

    What happens if the power goes out or the STB needs a soft reboot? When I have had power outages or had to reboot the receiver would sit there and wait for a satellite signal before it would let me go to an OTA channel. What would be nice is if a last program gets sent removing all the...
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    VOOM & CVC Q2 Report

    I for one like MOOV and would miss it if it were to go away. Hey, for a cheap thrill watch Ultra HD, you will find see thru clothing and the occassional boob pop out :yikes Most of the stuff on Ultra HD is the same thing on Fashion TV that I used to get when I had GlobeCast. Rave and Rush are...
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    Over The Air Scanning Questions (PSIP data missing post here)

    Sean, just wanted to let you know that is exactly what happened to me when I scanned today. On the VOOM guide it had WPXIDT, but the scanned name was WPXI. The new scanned name replaced VOOM's WPXIDT name and the guide had "no info" for the channel. A few hours later the guide info showed up on...